Stretching for Penis enlargement

Stretching is one of the most common ways to increase the size of the penis. Penis exercises are safe if done taking precaution basic precautions are that you warm up and cool down before performing these exercises. It is also important that the penis should be stretched but not pulled and there should be no pain during this process. If you feel pain it means you are pulling too hard. You should warm your penis up by pouring warm water on it or by putting a warm towel around it.

How does stretching increase the penis size?

The two reasons penis stretching causes increase in size. Stretching causes cell expansion as the cells in the penis are broken down they grow back bigger which causes the penis to be bigger. The other reason is that it causes the stretching of the ligaments which means that more of the penis will be visible and come out.

How to do Penis Stretching?

Warm up your penis as mentioned above.

Grab the glans on the mushroom shaped head and stretch the penis straight ahead, down or to both sides. Stretch the penis for 10 times each side and hold the stretch for 5 seconds each time.

This exercise should be done with a flaccid penis as stretching an erect penis can be dangerous. When your penis has become used to daily stretches you should incorporate erect stretches after a couple of months of flaccid stretching.

These exercises if done properly will not only help you get a bigger thicker penis but also help you getting a stronger erection. Stretching like Jelqing and Kegels is a natural way to have penis enlargement and if done properly are completely safe.