Smoking bad for sexual health

Smoking is bad just bad for you, not only does smoking lead to heart attacks, strokes and lung cancer but smoking also damages your small arteries that are essential to maintaining an erection.

There are a number of studies that have found that smoking can cause sexual dysfunction in men. A large percentage of people that suffer from ED are smokers. Some studies have also found that smoking can lead to low sperm count and quality of the sperm. It has also shown to decrease the testosterone levels in the body.

Another study finds that although they have less firmer erections smokers are unlikely to notice the change for a very long time. So if you think you can smoke like Don Draper and get your way with women think again. Leaving smoking now will help you reap your sexual rewards in the future.

Smoking for Women Sexual health:

This doesn’t mean that women are not affected by smoking. Smoking has an overall negative impact and can change hormone levels in the body, this leads to problems with menstrual cycle, and an increased risk of miscarriage and chances of getting pregnant.

Smoking is a filthy habit and you should give it up now. It will not only help you live a long fulfilling life but also help you fulfill your sexual potential.


6 thoughts on “Smoking bad for sexual health

  1. Hi,
    I am a 10 years old smoker avarage 8 cig daily. My age is 28 but now i have left it.
    Now the question is how many days does body take to make itself all ok like a non smoker.

    Thanks in advance

    1. quiting smoking is a very good decision that you have taken for a healthier life and it has nothing to do with premature ejaculation. it seems your head has made an excuse to go back to smoking so please dont. start doing kegal exercises and bring figs, garlic and onions into your daily diet and you will see great results.

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