Pygeum for sexual health(prostate)

Pygeum herb has been known to treat urinary tract problem as well as improving sexual health. It is derived from african tree Prunus africana which is found in the Sub Sahara region of Africa. It has been used for urinary problems for a few hundred years now.

In france Pygeum has been used for treating an enlarge prostate. It is also prescribed to improve sexual health. Pygeum works by reducing swelling in the glandular area, it also improves bladder elasticity and prostate secretions. This helps the overall sexual function to also improve.

The clinical studies have shown that Pygeum is effective in treating urinary and prostate problems and hence it has become the primary treatment in France and Europe. Since most of the clinical studies are from Europe and not the USA hence physicians in the US generally prescribe surgery for patients with prostate issues. It is important that studies be conducted there on this herb so that it could be used as a treatment option as well.

Pygeum is available in both tablet and tincture form. Recommended daily dosage ranges from 50-200 mg. The herb may cause abdominal pain and nausea in some users but is generally safe for usage.