Oyesters for sexual health

Oysters have been known for as an aphrodisiac for a long time. Casanova reportedly ate 50 raw oysters daily, which was clearly excessive since 3 will provide the daily need of 15 mg zinc.  Oysters have the most zinc than any other food and zinc is believed to be an important mineral for the libido.  It also helps elevate the testosterone levels which have a crucial part to play in arousal.

A recent study carried by American and Italian scientist researched shellfish that included oysters and found that these shellfish are high in a rare amino acid that elevates the sex hormones in the body. The research further indicated that the best time to have oysters and other shellfish is during the spring season. The shellfish have the highest number of amino acids then. The study also said that it is best to have them raw as cooking them reduces the D-sap and NDMA molecules.

How to eat:

You can add hot sauce or spices to your raw oysters. You can also take them as an appetizer before dinner. Other great sources of zinc are shrimp, seeds, eggs and dairy.


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