Onions for sexual health

Onion is a great source of minerals and it not only helps regulate the blood sugar of the body because it is a great source of chromium but it also increases the production of good cholesterol and helps keeps your heart in shape.  Apart from these great benefits onion is shown to play a role in preventing cancer, gastric ulcer and is a great at reducing inflammation and infections.  But I am sure you are not here to learn about these things.

Onions for Sexual Health Onion is known as one of the greatest aphrodisiac foods, it helps increase libido and also strengthens the reproducing organs. Onions also increase the testosterone levels in the body and can help in increasing the sexual stamina.

Onions homemade recipe Onions can be eaten raw or in juice form. You can cut an onion into four before throwing it in the blender. The resulting juice is great for your sexual stamina. The juice is bitter and you should sip it slowly so that it doesn’t shock your system. adding garlic to the juice is also a great idea and will help boost your sexual potency. this mixture could be called  a sex tonic for its great sexual health benefits. Another great recipe of onions is the chopping them fine and frying them in butter and consuming them with honey first thing in the morning. This mixture is great for penile health and is also a great aphrodisiac.


363 thoughts on “Onions for sexual health

  1. hey im taking taking onion with honey in morning
    and the juice of two onions and two garlic in evening … for how many dayz do i need to continue having them ?? for a long and hard erection ..

    1. are you seeing any difference, if yes good for you, but keep taking it in moderation, don’t go overboard with it.after a while reduce it to one onion.

      1. you should really drink it before and make sure to use a mouth wash as the smell of the juice is pretty strong.

    2. sure onion will boost your sexual health as explained up there.The point is when your are taking it as juice or raw , best time is afternoon ( lunch time ). and if you want to reduce the erection then take it in the evening.

      1. Does taking onion juice with honey in the evening reduces the erection?
        Can I take it after breakfast or can I take it on empty stomach pls reply

      2. you can take it anytime during the day but it is better to take it first thing in the morning so that you could use the testosterone spike to your advantage the whole day.

  2. Sir pls again clear for taking onion juice with honey; how way take (boiled onion with honey OR raw onion juice with honey?)

  3. sure it helps me gaining extra time besides my normal time. surely it is a utility . it will provide the possible way to energizes your sexual life. takes dates after you drink milk

  4. Am 31 old am hving problem with my erection I normally get hard erection but when I wanna do intercourse I loose my erection fast is like am having burning feeling pls how can I avoid it or cure dis problem I use garlic and onion but not result yet or can I boiled the 2 and drink that water or garlic and onion ? How long should I took then for a good result

    1. I think you should definitely consult a physician. the burning might be some infection that is festering. when you are rid of the infection you can start with the remedies.

  5. If I drink onion & galic juice trice a week with I have a permanent long lasting sex for the all of my life?????????????????????? Because in my life I wanna have sex antill when am 90 years

      1. different people have different ways to ejaculate. next time you are close to ejaculation stop yourself. repeat this two three times and when you finally cum you will see that you will ejaculate in great spurts.

  6. If I start drinking onion and galic juice trice a week for the rest of my life will i have permanent stamina for the rest of my life
    My dream is to be able to give my girlfriend the best sex but my problem is that I don’t get the second election and when I get it it does not last for long please tell me weather onions & galic juice will help me

  7. Am not able to get a second erection and when I get it it stands for only a few seconds yet I was told that the second election mast stand for over eight min
    Sir if I start taking onion & galic juice trice a week for the rest of my lif e will I get permanent positive results
    I wanna be able to give my girlfriend the best sex antill when I reach 90yr

    1. Sir gudevng suffering from same problem I want to be a father once again my first son is 7 year old, after lots of try only suffer,I also test a sperm count, it less I’m 43 year old, plz, help I’ll wait for your reply ???

      1. Sir when you know that your erection issues is related to Masturbation what remedy will you recommend? am about to get married and now am worried i may be going soft!!!!

      2. dont get anxious about it enjoy each and every moment of your marriage. also do kegel exercises and eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables. good luck

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    Take a pinch of powder and mix it in any available oil.
    Apply this paste on the shaft of your penis, but make sure you dont use it on the gland (Topi) and the lower seminal tract.

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  9. For how long should i take in onion and garlic juice because tried continous 5days. I had my hard erection right but after first sex, my penis fall and was not rising on time. What should i do?

  10. Please am 32 years now and I do have premature ejaculation with 1-2 minute and it always take me several hours to get my erection back again. My question is this will I blend garlic along with the onion or how will I have onion juice with garlic and is there any others ways to cure this problem

    1. garlic will help increase the blood flow to the penis. moreover onion will give you a testosterone hike. if you combine these activities with figs and kegel exercises you will eventually get good results.

      1. fig is a fruit which is usually consumed in dried form while kegel is an exercise that will help you get stronger erections

    2. For PE, which I have suffered from for the first 30 years of my life, I have been using a supplement called “kratom” which is a placebo t that grows in various strains around the world. The strain I use is called Maeng Da. Try taking 2 teaspoons and adjust dosage as needed. There is a chance that by taking too much you won’t be able to stay erect but by finding a dose that works for me, this has changed my life! Use the kratom in combination with the onion and garlic/honey to help make you harder. Before this I could last less than one minute but now I can literally last 30-45 minutes and my wife LOVES IT!

  11. Can i just eat onion and garlic inteadof making its juice. And will it help in erection ? In how many days will i see the result. And yes i heard that taking honey with a drop of kalonji oil and olive oil at night helps in sexual problems alot. Is this true?

      1. I usually eat 1/2 at dinner about 9pm and i prepear it with 5 eggs. And what should i do next to make it more effective? Should i masturbate or something like that to increase the blood flow?

  12. I usually eat 1/2 at dinner about 9pm and i prepear it with 5 eggs. And what should i do next to make it more effective? Should i masturbate or something like that to increase the blood flow?

      1. just dont think about it for a month. no need to check if its strong by looking at porn or engaging in sex. in the meantime start doing kegel exercises. eat lots of garlic, onions , figs and raw fruit. try to relax and exercise daily. eat healthy and you will start feeling strong and healthy and virile again.

  13. Dear Sir, I was not really convinced when I heard about the miracles of onion and garlic bt I tried the mix yesterday and I was over the moon on the bed with my wife. Guys This REALY WORKS!!!!! THANKU

  14. hii sir how are u sir i doing hand parketes last 10 year its the problems my pens is very weekness and when starting the sex just one mint then going down now days i m eating garlic 10 cloves every day i put some milk and sugar and banana then mixing then drinking can you advise me it’s good for my sex helth or not can i do black pepper put some oil them messages my pens plz reply me soon as possible thanks

  15. sir plz suggest me i have very early erection b.coz more masturbution in childhood.what should i do. will garlic & onion help me. if yea then when & how to take this. plz inform

  16. please help. I work night shift 7pm-7:30 am 3-4 days/ week. I go to sleep around 10 am and wake up around 5 pm. My question is what time I should drink onion juice since my sleep circle is different than most of the people working during the day. Plus I am off 2 nights so I sleeping during night. Right now I am drinking onion juice before I go to sleep around 10 am in the morning.

  17. Dear Sir,

    Ihae married about 2 years, firs I was well & good wth my wife, now I have followed one problem that my penis do not erect lik prvious butone time it was errect whenever have remember any girl’s, et me suggest can I take garlic & onion to get my errection power?

    1. onion will help you with the testosterone while garlic will help you with blood flow to the penis. with age you will have your sex drive diminished it is only natural.

      1. I really appreciate your selfless efforts. This is a service to humanity, please keep it up God will surely reward you abundantly. I have some copies of Kegel exercise pictures, If you’re interested I’m willing to send to you because of the people who don’t really know what Kegel exercise is all about.

  18. You can combine onion, garlic , fig and olive oil for best results we all know the sexual benifits of those natural elements.
    250g of garlic
    500 g fig
    2 cups of olive oil
    2 cup of onion juice.

    U put all the ingrédients together and out them on heat for 20 minutes, mixte the whole tjings in a blender and then save everything in bottle or something in a dark place.
    Take 3 coffee spoons at morning and same after dinner and u will be amazed by the results after 15 days up to a month.

  19. The onion and honey works magic! I’ve erection for the whole of the night after using it for 2 straight days.

  20. i am 31 i use to have stronger erection when i was not married, having 3-4 rounds but now i only manage my erection once and loss libido instantly. I wish to start using onion to see the impact.

  21. helo sir, I am Pardeep. I am 22 years old. my problem is my penis 5 inch & low standing capacity & thin too..give me suggestion ….plzzzzzz…

    1. eat fresh foods avoid processed foods, eat a variety of protein, carbs and good fats plus all seasonal fruits. exercise regularly to get the best results.

  22. Hi,

    I am 30 years age when I intimiate with my Gf , Im not able to do sex may be some kind of awkward situation I come across. But when I m alone my penis gets tight thinking of her…is it that I should increase sex power by onion atleast 2 onions everyday….or should I prefer juice??
    Is Garlic should I also include in it?

    Please suggest & reply

    1. It seems that if you are able to get erection when she is around then the problem is mental rather than physical. try to relax and take it slow it will come to you.

  23. sir,…i hv loss ercriction slowly slowly and my libido is also goes ….n my penis is too smaall…but my gf is satisfy wid .me and i hv low testestorene can i do..?

    1. Exercising the legs hard once per week will help boost your testosterone. eating onions, garlic and okra will also help with your erections and low libido.

  24. I have mastubated for over 8years now and my sex drive and stamina have dropped tremedously. By eating onions will it bring back my sex life to normal? if no plz u can give me a better suggestion

    1. It is natural that your sex drive drops as you age. onions will help you increase your sex life but you should cut down on the masturbation to three times a week. if you are having sex then you can have it as much as you like.

  25. Sir thank you for this wonderful information i have read other peoples comment on it and it is encouraging for me to table my issue here.I am 31 years now and before now i was very good in bed.but now i have my erections early then i used to.and even my sperm is tick this days.i have been to a medical check up i don’t have any infection so what could be the course of this,and how best can i take care of it with the above information.please try to reply me.and what is the best time to have those onion and honey.

    1. you can eat raw onion, garlic and fig everyday so that you get better organ health. having thick sperm is not a bad thing.

  26. Dear sir, I m 36 and my penis size is too small and now I m taking onion + garlic + honey mixture one tea spoon early in morning with empty stomach . is it help to increase my penis size or plz suggest any more

  27. ASALAM E ALIEKUM sir I read all comments and also read your garlic topic comments sir my problem is my penis can not stand.i am so worried plz help me

    1. once you will have sex regularly with your partner you will be able to prolong your erections for up to 20 minutes and even more. when you are having sex try to be relaxed and not get too excited. try to control your breathing and have better orgasm control with regular kegel exercises. also when you masturbate try to prolong your sessions and dont just rush to get your orgasm.

  28. Sirs it’s lovely to hear all these personal health information pls. kindly informing ur customers not to abuse the information.

  29. Sir i have pe and ed,i m eating 4 garlic cloves at night and two medium size onions in breakfast and lunch,alongwith kegel exercise,how long will it take to see result,,,

    1. hopefully soon. I think you will see some results in a few days and good results in a couple of weeks. you have to be patient and wait and you will see amazing results.

  30. Am i doing right,that i am eating onion and garlic raw,,i am also planning to add ginger juice to my daily,,will all these thing help me with ed and pe,,,,,plz help,plz.

  31. Sir please let me know how much of onion and how many pieces of garlic has to be added to make juice. Is that i have to take one cup per day or one table spoon per day.

  32. When I take onion juice ..in morning or evening. Plz Specify qantity ..?if morning then after wake up or breakfast…and if evening.. Then which time?reply

  33. First sir, to begin with, i must commend you for your execellent work here.
    Having say that,i am jo. I am 20years old. I have problem with my erection.
    My penis shrinks during sex. And this is giving me constant headache.please how many onion bulb and garlic clove do i take a day.
    Additionally,how much time will it takes me to see results . Thanks

    1. the amount of ejaculation is pretty standard for most humans, you can increase the amount you ejaculate by not ejaculating for a few days or by having sex for a significantly long period of time. this can be achieved by mastering the kegel exercise.

  34. my husband is my life but in coming month he face the problem of low erection and his sex timing in bed is also go down…what can I do him for him… help me out I love my husband .he my life

    1. ask him to do kegel exercises it will help him have stronger erections and also help maintain his erection for longer periods

  35. Dear Sir
    Am above 30 years my problem is I don’t last long at all during sex, I romance for a long time and I have good erection but immediately I start sex I ejaculate in less than 2min and it pains me and it takes me a while before I get an erection again but if I do I still don’t last but after the third round I last a little. if I eat garlic raw plus onion how long will it take to see the effect? my girlfriend recommend garlic for me and I saw this site and felt to contact you.
    kindly help me I want to be able to satisfy her in bed.
    God bless as I await your reply.

    1. garlic will help you get the blood flow down there and a stronger erection. kegel exercises will help you control your ejaculation.

  36. Sir,I want to inform u dat is ur comment ur honest.I am nature born penis is too small is nt grow hw I will take use raw onion and garlic? Rep pls tell me

    1. first of all we have this unnatural association of penis size by watching porn. so dont worry about it. you can add a couple of inches to your penis by stretching it daily and doing jelking exercises

  37. Dear Sir,

    My age is 25 yrs and my marriage is fixed recently. My problem is I am masturbating since last 8 yrs and recently I found some erection problem and my sperm thickness and sperm quantity became low . Then I stopped masturbating but suddenly my marriage is fixed in the month of october( 2 months from now).For erection problem I started eating onions and garlic but I am really worried of these low sperm count and thickness of sperm .

    So Pls Sir I am requesting you, to tell which foods I have to eat to increase increase sperm thickness and sperm quantity.

    1. start eating fruits high in vitmin C. they will help you with your sperm motility. dont worry about the sperm quantity it is same for most people and having more sperm wont help you get better sex. if you abstain from masturbation for a couple of days your sperm quality will increase.

  38. Dear friends
    Just for curiousity i read all thread about sexual problems.
    But the problem lies somewhere else.
    After reading this blog,iam thinking to write my own coz iam very edycated in this field theoraticakky and practically.

    Wait friends

  39. Hi Saj 123 gud support thnaks for all
    my question is or liek its synptoms
    my erection is gud but doesnt last much specialy when ready for intercource it some times ejeaculate before even starting sex like just by hand jerking or by sucking a bit ….. and erection isnt hard remain in medium and reach orgasm
    i also feel liek being extra hot in like by body is got heat up like .. any guess whts goin on

    1. I think you get excited and hence orgasm quickly. during sex you should work on your breathing and try to normalize your heart rate by breathing naturally. you should also eat raw garlic and do kegel exercises for a harder penis.

  40. Hi sir, My age is 32 yrs. My problem is I am doing masturbation since last 15 yrs average 1 time in a day and now my penis does hard and my penis size is 3”. By eating onions will it bring back my sex life to normal? if no plz u can give me a better suggestion because i am getting marriage after 2 months.

    1. you should do kegel exercises and eat onions garlic and figs. also try to avoid masterbation for some time as over doing it can make natural simulation difficult.

  41. Thank sir for replying my question. Sir I have already started eating onion garlic and fig and I also stopped masterbation since 15 days. If I do all thing then I will normal after 2 months for bed or it will take more time. And also I found my PC muscle but how many time I have to do kegel exercise in a day. And I am eating 4 piece s garlic and 1 onion and a fig in a day it is sufficient for my case or not. Thank u

    1. do 100 quick contractions and 25 contraction where you hold it tight for 10 seconds. dont worry about sex once you start having regular sex with your partner you will be able to last much longer. initially we are nervous around one another so it is difficult to control ejaculation. initially i was unable to last much longer with my current partner and my ejaculation lasted 3-6 minutes but after a week i was able to find the rhythm with her we were able to go for a long time. now i can last inside her anywhere from 20 minutes to close to an hour.

  42. Hi dr,im 30yrs of age and have recently noticed I have rectal prolapse which incidentally came with weak erection and difficulty in having an erection@all after round 1,have read ur blog, pls advice

  43. sir.littl penus with less errction…when go to want intercourse white colour watter lke less gummy liquis flows from penus and errection fully cooldown…pleaseguide me weather onion useful for me or i to conslt doctor

      1. Sir, I m 20yrs old…I had surgery(testicular torsion) as a result of which, I lost my left testicle. Is having single testis tampers vth sex life ?r there any chances of getting real testis transplanted ?

      2. you dont need to do that. one testicle is more than enough for you to have sex every day multiple times a day.

  44. I am 62 years old having full erecection.doing sex ones in a week. .how many times should i do sex in a week.is it excess?i never took any tipe of sex medicine in my life. Am i a perfect and healthy man.my weight is 62 kg.

  45. Any time I want to have sex with my gf my body temperature is high and I usually have premature ejaculation pls want is d cause and cure

  46. sir I am trying to ejaculate from 2-3 days.Their is gap between last ejaculation is 6-7 days but I am unable to ejaculate.
    please give me solution to get out from this problem.

  47. Am 23 old am hving problem with my erection I normally get hard erection but when I wanna do intercourse I loose my erection

    1. the problem seems psychological. do you feel guilty while having intercourse? are you nervous? these are the questions you need answering and you will be able to have good sex.

  48. Saj123, Firstly, I want to commend you for this wonderful humanitarian service you’re rendering to solve people’s problems. May God continue to reward you abundantly. Secondly, Please tell me the best hygienic way you know to extract: Onion, Garlic, Ginger etc juice?

  49. Hi there. Im 21 and just started having sex with my partner. She’s a lot more experienced tahn myself. We’ve had sex a few times now and while lasting isnt my problem its always the beginning thats the most tough. I can get hard but sometimes i want to skip foreplay to avoid losing my erection fast. How much of an onion do i eat raw and how many times daily/per week or what do you suggest?

    1. Aj sex isnt supposed to be tough it should be enjoyable and if you are not enjoying it then what is the point. stop worrying about erections, penetration and the lot and try connecting with her. enjoy her body and let her enjoy yours. everything else will fall into place.

    1. you should practice doing it a couple of times without your partner. maybe its your nerves or maybe its the brand so you might want to experiment with a couple of brands.

  50. If you get white onion juice and honey and heat it when all the water is evaporated and then it one table spoon daily does this help your dick.I heard this but not sure.

  51. i have a problem of 5-10 second sex time,
    plz suggest me remedy, or fruits which can increase my sex timing , plz
    mujy kia khana chahiye?

    1. you must be getting really excited soon. you need to focus on your breathing and try to relax during foreplay. also try kegel exercises they will help you control your orgasm better.

  52. Sir I am daily eating onion for a month I cut off masterbution since 1 month can I recover for sex problem I have problum with penis prejection

    1. its important for you to consume garlic and also do kegel exercises along with your onion intake. with patience and persistence you will be able to get good results. good luck

  53. Hi sir, am 22 age am doing masturbating since 16 yrs old, my penis size is small, my penic can’t co oparating in sex, means down. Sir plz send me suggestion I request u sir…..plz

    1. try to distance yourself from porn for a while and relax during sex. extend the foreplay. porn creates some unwanted expectations in our mind which are unrealistic. you might also be getting nervous during sex so try to calm down and increase the foreplay. try enjoying sex and dont make the orgasm the ultimate objective. you will find that everything will fall into place.

    1. you can do basic stretching of the penis and jelking but please dont be persuaded by porn. you have most probably a very normal size penis and dont need to have a big penis for great sex. when you practise having sex with your partner there comes a time when you know about each others movements and rhythms and your timing increases a lot.

  54. My age is 27
    Sir my sex time is 5 sec masterbate and anal sex since 15 years now i stop. When heaving sex with my gf At the time of use condom i lose my erection plz help me what should i do…..plz

  55. I have really seen a lot of benefit of garlic and onions, but the kegel and Beijing exercise are difficult to locate and please how do I locate the PC muscle. cheer,s Emmanuel

  56. Dear sir,
    Plz guide me. I am also suffering from chronic constipation and piles. Infact I have already been undergone through a surgery of piles. Can I use raw garlic/onion or juices of them as prescribed by you. Will it b safe for me.

  57. Am suffering from weak erection,but I have been engaged in masturbation for sometime.have been eating garlic,onion,ginger and cinnamon powder.can that realy work for me and am a hepatitisB patient but I have been treating it for a very long time..please help mi out.

      1. Aasalam aa leykum bro,
        Masha allah you are doing Great Job.
        Allah Bless you Bro
        When I had seen your post I got hope insha allah my life not ende
        My self khan i am 28 i am strong body bulder my hobbies do the workout dail i have taken 1 onion daily the thing is i thought that my cock is small need toin crease my penise size i have seen videos kegal exercises in youtube in this this viideo i have seen how toincrease size in video soi am trying that exesies daily and i have taken protin also toimprove body the thing is i have stopped doing peis exesises eaten onion also when i had goto bath i daily did hand job ….when i am trying hand job my cock will be not srtong …i have tried many times but not strong ….my parent told me ready for getting mariied but i did not respond to my parents i have this problem last 5 days i dont have money for tratment also what happend with me i dont know ..i have pain no happynies in my life could pls what i will to do what is my problem i am notsuitable to doing for sex i dont have words to explan i have tears only i have lost my life with my hands i think that my life has end when i have seen your blog allah has sent to you for me please respnd tomymail your valuble feedback give live to me .
        I have this queries.
        Can I eat onions daily if stop eating onion same problem will repeat.
        Can I do gym and workouts.
        I stoped taking protien for body.
        Can I able to satisfy with my wife .
        Could respond this queries helpfull to live to in this world .

        i hope you undrstand and resond tomy mail
        i am waiting for your mail


      2. Dear Khan,

        excessive masturbation leads to our bodies getting good at it and this lead to you having ejaculations prematurely. having smaller and weaker erection maybe as a result of not having enough blood flow to the penis. if you eat onions and garlic everyday you will be able to have better blood flow to the penis. you should also do kegel exercises regularly they will help you achieve better erections. exercising regularly is good for the body as well as the mind so keep doing it. also try to rewire your brain with no porn. there are a number of people who have erectile problems because of porn and their brain has been wired that way. there are certain programs now that help you rewire your brain. or you can simply stop watching porn. give yourself a target for a week without porn. then 21 days and then months. you will see that when your brain re-wires you will have normal erections again. another thing to note is your attitude that you will only be happy with your wife if you have massive erection is wrong. there are a number of ways to build connection with your spouse, by talking, touching, being kind to her and loving. when you are all of these things you will also have great sexual chemistry and great sex. I have known many men who were afraid of marriage/long term relationships because they thought they will not be able to have great sex but once they became kind, gentle and loving to their partners great sex followed. so dont be afraid you have a fulfilling life ahead of you. Good luck.

  58. Sir, I normally have good erection for the first time but my ejaculation will be early, about 1-2secs. Then the second round of sex, and the erection will be soft and my penis will reduce in size, the please what should I do. Can I just eat onion raw and drink honey? Thanks sir.

      1. Aasalam aa leykum Saj Bro,

        Thanks for your time and support bro.
        i have some quries I am waitng for your responce

        1. I have seen kegal exercises but in kegal exercises so maany exercises will be there which one i need to do cuold tell me .
        2. how many days i need to do kegal exercises.

        3. Saj bro you told me to take onion and garlic daily how many days can i take this two items if i stop taken onion and garlic problem will be repeat again could pls clear this one .

        4.If i standing do the masburation my ock not erection, but if i am laying on bed do the masburation cock is erection …so what i need to do here.

        5.if siting on charing rub the cock my will be active

        5.today morning my cock is weak erection not much strong comeing urion also.

        6. sometime getting pain also seen hot movies .

        i have clearly mention the my problems

        could please slove my quries i am very thankfull to you could pls respond to me could tell me which type of kegal exercises i will do let me bro …pls treat to me as small brother helpme bro ….this is my mailid :khan.technical2@gmail.com.
        i have been waiting for you responce …bro

        Allah hafiz.

      2. Hi khan,

        Kegel exercises will help you with the erections. you should hold them for 5 seconds to have better control of your muscle. do 25 reps and repeat it 3 times a day. the problem with you guys is you just dont want to do the work and delay it by asking how many days should I do. should I do it at day or night. it doesnt matter these things dont have any side effects so you can do them forever. that is the whole point of this blog. I think you are over thinking things and I really dont want to be mean with you but try to relax. our penis behaves differently as we grow older so it doesnt mean you have a problem. my advice to you is get away from porn for a few days. try not watching any porn for 21 days. It helps to get the mind rewired because porn is usually very aggressive and it is very different from the real sex.

  59. Sir wat do u mean by do 100 quick contraction n 25 contraction cus d question dat person asked related 2 me aswell

    1. quick contractions are the ones you do without holding. the other contractions are the ones that you hold for 5-10 seconds. both are good for your penis

  60. hi sir I had used hand long time since I was 13years old but now i am 24yers old so my problem is that when I inercourse I discharge in few second s what should I do sir tel me perfect ideas

    1. excessive masturbation leads to our bodies getting good at it and this lead to you having ejaculations prematurely. having smaller and weaker erection maybe as a result of not having enough blood flow to the penis. if you eat onions and garlic everyday you will be able to have better blood flow to the penis. you should also do kegel exercises regularly they will help you achieve better erections. exercising regularly is good for the body as well as the mind so keep doing it. also try to rewire your brain with no porn. there are a number of people who have erectile problems because of porn and their brain has been wired that way. there are certain programs now that help you rewire your brain. or you can simply stop watching porn. give yourself a target for a week without porn. then 21 days and then months. you will see that when your brain re-wires you will have normal erections again.

      1. Aasalam aa leykum bro,

        My friends told me to got this errection problem doing heavy workouts is it true bro we got this probleem for heavy workouts. could let mecan istop my workouts or contionue heavey workouts pls suggest me Saj Bro.

        I have doing Kegal exercises daily 3 sets with 25rps.but kegal exericeses have so many types which one can i do.some one toldme to take homeophty training you il get the result perminantly any dis advantages or side effects take homeophy training bro
        i have waing foryour respone i am follow to you bro..could suggest me can i take homeophty training i will get the married in 2moths so i think tothat my problem will clear in 2moths for permenantly so pls coud sujjest as a think of you brother bro.

        i hope you understand my problem could respond me ASAP

      2. Aasalam aa leykum bro,
        please respond me brooooooooo pls i am beging you.
        My friends told me to got this errection problem doing heavy workouts is it true bro we got this probleem for heavy workouts. could let mecan istop my workouts or contionue heavey workouts pls suggest me Saj Bro.

        I have doing Kegal exercises daily 3 sets with 25rps.but kegal exericeses have so many types which one can i do.some one toldme to take homeophty training you il get the result perminantly any dis advantages or side effects take homeophy training bro
        i have waing foryour respone i am follow to you bro..could suggest me can i take homeophty training i will get the married in 2moths so i think tothat my problem will clear in 2moths for permenantly so pls coud sujjest as a think of you brother bro.

        i hope you understand my problem could respond me ASAP

      3. weight training has nothing to do with your problem. you can try homeopathy. I have told you before you dont have to worry about your marriage as sex is different from masturbating. when you have an understanding with your partner you will enjoy great sex.

  61. Hello Guys.I did enjoy the follow up well.
    I got an ED (weak erection) problem
    My questions are :
    1)Which kind of Onion should i use.(red or white )?
    2)Which is better? a mixture of onion and Gallic OR a mixture of onion and honey?
    3) what is the dosage and when during the day is it best to take

    1. red and white both are good. if onion and garlic is too bitter for you add honey or else keep taking onion and garlic.

      1. Aaasalam aa leykum bro,

        I hope allhumdullia you are doing good !

        Thakns for your valuebleinformation its very helpfull to me

        I am say Thanks to you bottom of my heart

        Bro Saj what you told i am taking Homeophty treatment they are giving tables i am takeing i get the result also …but they told me to dont do the heavy workouts

        do light wight for fitness my heart not accpect to do light workout could tell me can

        i do heavy hard workouts any problem in sex please could tell me your valuble

        information to me its very helpfull to me

        last 3 months i did this enalargement exercise when i got errection problem i have stoped doing enaralgment exercise so can i start this exercise forbig penis any disadvantages to do this enalargement exercise could tell me

        Could tell me i am confuce in life

        Thnks for your reesponce


      2. you are providing me with half information it is difficult for me to give you a solution. when you say heavy exercises what do you mean? tell me what is your weight? how much do you bench press? how much do you squat? the problem with these doctors and homeopathic doctors is that they have never done weights in their life and they look at it with suspicion. when you say enlargement exercises what do you mean? do you mean stretching or jelqing or kegels. if you want a specific answer you would have to provide me with specific info.

      3. Aaslam aa leykum bro
        Thanks for your prompt reponce
        I wil tell to you how to do gym which type of wights i lift
        Bench presss
        right side 25 left side 25 :total 50 ..1 set 10 resps
        second set
        right side :30 left side :30:total 60:2 set 8respes
        third set :
        right side 40:left side :40 :total 80 3 set 6 reps
        4th set :50 right side left side :50 taotal
        ;100 some time one 120 also 4set 6resps

        incline will start 20,30,40,45

        this is my work our heavy wights i lift
        when i met with doctor suggest me do
        light lift :like 20,25,30,35
        incline road:15,20,25,30
        tryciep :10,15,20

        i am lifitng this wights when i met with doctor so you tell me what can i do for it can i lift heavy wight or can i lifet light wight bro could tell me my age 28 wight 61 now Kgs now .
        i am doing sttetching exercises any dis advantage s do this work out bro

        can i eat daily 2 onions bro …could pls let me know bro i am waitng for your answer …my workout is your hand so teel me bro ….i am iting for your valuble dession bro still now i am not get marriied and tell me answer bro

        Allah hafiz

      4. could tell me bro for those quries .
        how to get very strong penis could tell me .bro aftersome days i will stop taken onions any disadvantages to stop eat onion bro .could pls let meknow thak you bro

      5. why would you stop eating onions. it is so frustrating to talk to you guys as you are always looking for excuses not to do something. eating onion, garlic, figs and other foods can be started and stopped at any time they are foods. what will be the disadvantage to stop eating food?

  62. I lost my sexual desire. I’m really helpless to know about increasing my stamina & my sexual desire as well. Will I be really helpful with the onion &garlic juice?? Someone please rescue me from all of this problem.. please.. _/\_ #saj123

    1. you should try taking it and you will see an increase in your libido. you should also take figs to help you with your desire.

  63. Can I take mixture of white onion and milk by boiling together for half an hour with pure ghee. is there any side effect

  64. Am 51 yrs old n hv weak erection n hv bn eating onions for close to a month n my lobido has improved my erection is still weak.Also am on BP n Diabeties medication.Can onions n garlic juice help me a firmer erection?

    1. onion and galic juice will help with the blood flow to the penis which will mean you will get firmer erections. you should also try kegel exercises they will help you have stronger erection as well as help you last longer during sex

  65. Am Fidelis aged 24…
    I had a problem with erection but am happy you shared the solution 1)garlic 2)onion 3)fig and 4)honey.
    am going to use them regularly to achieve the best.
    My question goes right away to penis size,5 inch when erected…is there any natural way to increase my length and girth…i have had unstable jelking for a while but no difference.
    please i will be very happy for your response .

    1. five inches is a pretty standard penis size and is adequate to give pleasure to your partner but we want to be as big and if there are natural solutions we should try them. the problem with them is that you have to follow them pretty regularly to see results. jelqing and stretching help get the penis 2-3 inches over a six month period time. in the first few months the progress is not that great and people tend to get discouraged but you have to keep going and you will see results. what you should do is dedicate a time of the day for example before going to bed stretch your penis for 5-15 minutes three times a week. just make a habit of it and dont measure your penis after every session. before you know it you will be adding inches to your package.


  66. i eat choped garlic and choped white onion then i drink 1 spoon of olive oil 1 spoon of kalonji oil 2 spoon of honey some cinamon powder conbining them together and pour hot water so does it boost my sexaul drive pleas answer

  67. Hai sir
    If we eat goat testis.what are the benefits will get…
    Is this will increase the sizes of penis and testis or increase the sperms

  68. Hello Saji,
    My husband is taking small onions and garlic, not in juice form. He is eating them as it is. Is this a good practice??
    Also, He does not follow any particular time to eat, Is this Okay???
    We found there are two types/sets of Kejel exercises on youtube. Please suggest which one to follow, or guide us with a link here. Do you know any food to arouse me sexually?? I mean food for women to arouse sexually???

    1. it is good that he is taking onion and garlic/ he can eat them anytime during the day. you should alternate both sets of exercise as both are good for your PC muscle. you can do one time with the quick release and then alternate with the slow release. you can eat peaches, oatmeal, eggs are some food that are good for female arousal.

    2. eating food anytime is fine. both sets of kegels exercises should be done as both are beneficial for a stronger harder erection. you can eat oatmeal, peaches and eggs as they are good foods for arousal.

      1. Hello Saji, Thanks for your earlier suggestion. We are experiencing good results. I have a couple of questions. My husband feels stomach bloating immediately after eating garlic and lasts for only 5 minutes. Is this natural for all, or subjective only for few?? My husband does not have any ulcer, BP kind of problems. Second – Is it advisable to eat onion & garlic soaked in buttermilk for 8 hours?? Will that give results?? Because drinking buttermilk with onion & garlic is easier than eating them raw. Please suggest.

      2. Hi, if it is easy to drink with buttermilk then go for it. these are natural foods and as such they dont have any adverse effects. your husband and you can start doing kegal exercises as they are beneficial in controlling ejaculation and they will help make sex more pleasurable for you. the other thing you can do is not focus on the orgasm that much. try to explore each others body making your love making sessions more about enjoyment and less about timing and orgasms. when you take the pressure off and start reading the signs of each others body you will be surprised by your heightened sexual performance.

  69. Sir i am having problem of pre ejeculation even my dick gets loose during sex as its hardness and energy is finished, during sex even sometimes m not able to continue sex. Suggest me something to solve this problm.

    1. kegel exercises should help you maintain an erection and eating onions garlic and figs will help with your blood flow.

      1. Hi I am Khan I am suffering from this problem last 4 months i will explaiin about my problem how did get this problem i am daily doing gym i have taken protin and tablets for 2 months while takeing this i have eat daily 6 banans and 2 onions this is my food after some days i have stop this taken protin and tablets
        when i have stop i got this problem i got erriction probelm when i had try to do masburation my cock not erriction i have consultant homeopthy doctor he has cheked my problem given tablets for use 6 months then am continue but after i have used got the result but the when i got erriction my cock will not not to much strong it will smooth erriction am worry about this how can i get strong erriction i am doing kegal exericse daily and normal my workouts i got erriction but i did not get strong erriction i have check my testosterone to do blood test but every thing is good but i did not get strong erriction and i have observed one more thing normal time my cock il be look like dead snake did not respond any thing if i get mood it il be erriction could please let me know your valuble feed back it save my life my parents ready to do the marriage but iam scare of this problem after getting marriage what il happend i am worrying and crying could llok at points i will write my problem in point wise easy to understand

        1i have consultant homeophty doctor he told me you il take and use 6 months tablets and tanic he has given use this your problem is sloved he is told me its is problem slove for use 6 months?
        couild pls let me know

        2. i got erriction but i did not get strong erriction i got smooth erriction could let me know how can i get strong erriction

        3. normal time my dick was look like dead snake nothing responce if i shake with hand it will respponce before i did not see look like dead snake cock why i got this problem i dont know could pls let me know this .

        4.if i eat beef and watermealon i got full stong erriction but if i did not get eat i did not get strong erriction why what is the problem this could please let me know

        last 4 months i did not sleep well i did not eat i am alaways thinkg about till now i did not get married but i got this problem if i did get married after get same problem my lif will be smash in every ninght.
        last 4 months i have crying about this problem i am trying to sucide but i have control my life to seen my parents pls could give me your valueble responce save to my life i am reqesting you begging you pls help please help me i dont know how to explain my problem to you

        Could pls help me
        Thanks for your time

  70. Aoa… you are helping needy persons… its good job… may almighty bless u gladness…I have problems of preejuclation …. my sperm is like water….. I did hand practice for 10 years… now am 29 years… I got married last year….. but I am not satisfied…… please help me…… can I use mix juice of onion ‘ garlic with 2 spoons of honey…. can it solve my infertility problems….

    1. Ibrar there is nothing wrong with masturbation. our bodies produces sperm and we need to get the excess out. you are not infertile, you just eat a healthy diet and exercise and enjoy your marriage life. if you have doubts about your sperm count you can go get yourself tested. it will put your mind at rest.

  71. Hi saj123
    I read your write up about drinking onion juice. have being drinking onions juice plus garlic every morning for almost 20 days, so I went for a test of SFA, but I was not happy with my result. 50%active, 20% sluggish and 30% dead, my TSC is 19 million. but am expecting dat d result should be higher than this. so please Saj123 what can I do to make it higher so that I can be come a father? please I need ur reply

    1. Hi, 19 million is normal and motility stats are also pretty good. you can eat fruits high in vitamin c to increase sperm motility. good luck


  73. hai, I read your recommendation and started to try this morning. I took the raw juice attained from 6 small onions + 5 teeths of garlic+ 1 spoon of honey . I drank with empty stomach. I feel like my heart beat has been increased. May i know why its happening like this. Im 47 years old.

    1. this is happening because onions increase the testosterone and also increases the blood flow. 6 onions is way too much you should use one or two.

  74. Thank you sir is good to be here, I love it, my is after first around my penis will be week, and the first around Don’s not last moredow four mits,

  75. Sir , I am 36 and got married 2 years back am still unlucky to become dad. My wife got tested almost she is clear and doctor asked her to get your husband semen analysis done then come. Problem is I am alright on bed not so good but when I go to clinic my penis errection get zero and I am unable to masturbate. What would be best food for me so I can get tested my semen analysis.

    1. I think you are anxious about getting yourself tested hence you donot want to go to the doctor. you should eat fruits high in Vitamin C and as they help improve sperm motility. dont think too much about it. its been just two years just keep having sex with your wife and you will get her pregnant. think of it this way the longer she takes to get pregnant the more sex you are going to have.

  76. Hai sir

    How to increase the penis size length and width of penis with strong andnatural food and how to increase the testies also plzzzzzzz help to mee….im getting marriage….and feeling panic….waiting for ur reply

  77. Hi Sir,
    Thanks for helping us. I have low libido and testosterone. I am taking 2 garlic clove with honey every morning from last one month. I just came to know that onion can improve sexual desire as well as testosterone level. So i already started taking 2-3 raw onion juice from last 2 days. Is it good to take per day with empty stomach with garlic or i just continue garlic with honey and also drink onion juice after that. What is the best time to take onion juice. Can I see some positive result in one months. I am going to continue this for my all life.

  78. Sir pls help me what will i do to stop masturbating? I started masturbating since 1996 up till today am still on it and has cause me many damage in my sex live pls sir this problem has been eating me up since then, I have try everything humanly possible to stop it to no avail I can’t even control the auge again pls sir am in need of solution to this problem. Thanks hope to hear from u very soon.

    1. there are a few things you can do to stop masturbating. you should maitain a diary about your masturbation, when you masturbate, why you masturbate, you should also talk to a friend about your struggle. masturbating in itself is not bad but if you think it is affecting your sex life then you should be able to get rid of it.

  79. hello Saj,
    pls save me, I don’t av erection wen I wake up in d morning. is it normal, am so worried, my penis doesnt stand too erect like my pairs but I still penetrate, I also ejaculate fast. pls save a broda.

    1. having no erection when you wake up is not a problem, if you feel you have a weak erection start eating things that are high in zinc. also eat garlic and do kegel exercises. not only will you have stronger erections you will also have longer lasting orgasms.

  80. I have been masturbating for long time, and I don’t keep an erection for more than 1 minute, please advice on what to do. will chewing raw onions remedy the situation? must it be white onions

  81. hay saj,
    hope you’re doin good, im following your site from long time,
    i wanted to share my problem with you, i was happy with my sexual life, normally i was taking 5 to 7 minutes during intercourse with my girl which is really good timei know, but from last 7 to 9 months im really worried i dont know what happened with me and what should i do, first few months my ejaculation timing got decreased and now immediately ejaculation in few second after hard erection, even i touch my penis it means im done 😦
    could you please tell me what should i do help me please my age is 33.

    1. doing kegel exercises and eating foods high in zinc are good for your sexual health. you should also try to eat garlic and onion.

      1. hi again,
        as u suggested me eat zinc food with garlic and onion , i already started zinc food figs and pumpkin seeds almond and walnuts, now want ask you about onion and garlic , i eat garlic in morning before breakfast and take onion with lunch, is it fine or i hv to eat both in morning with empty stomach?
        and kegel exercise, can i do any kegel exercises of have to stick with one .
        please reply ASAP

      2. you are on the right path keep doing what you are doing. you will see great results soon. all types of kegel exercises are the same so what ever routine you are doing is fine. make sure you keep increasing the difficulty to see the best results.

  82. please so I should quit eating onions and switch to garlic? will I be eating the garlic raw?, how do I begin the kegel exercise

  83. Hi Saj
    Plz tell me the quantity of onion and garlic for juice?should i take 1 medium size onion and 4-5 cloves of garlic or 1 whole medium size garlic per day? And can i add some honey in the juice for better taste? Please tell me the quantity for perfect juice.

  84. Can’t i mix onion and garlic chopped dip in little boiling water then drink?
    2.how to mix it with honey?
    3.when and how long?.

  85. Hello sir my age is 32 and this march i get married but i have an erection problem i did alot masterbate and now i feel an penis weaknes so please tell me how i use onion or garlic a juice form or a raw form which is good. And how i make an onion juice or garlic

  86. hi guys,
    i’m going to share my personal experience with you,
    about 2 months ago i came on this site (u can check my comments above) and shared my problem, and saj123 suggested me eat zinc + onion and garlic.
    i started mixture of garlic + onion early morning with empty stomach and after 1 to 2 hours i eat 3 to 4 figs, about 10 almonds and 3 to 4 brazilian nuts or walnuts and in evening eat pumpkin seeds.
    believe me guys results are really really good, i had problem with erection + wet dreams but now WOW full erection and less wet dreams.
    i would suggest you guys eat onion and garlic.
    if you guys want to ask more abt my personal experience feel free to comment.
    thanks SAJ123 god bless you.

    1. Hi Shaun.. Onion and garlic juice on the morning.. I have an erection problem.. How. Many days will it take to see the results please reply

      1. sorry for late reply,
        within 2 week you will feel the difference. yes onion and garlic i take in the morning with empty stomach.

  87. Morning sir. Am married about 2 years. My penis size is little bit small. And also having erection problem for past one month my age is 32. Till now I don’t have child. Am taking slised onion with honey in empty stomach and also in night before to bed. Please help me sir.

  88. First of all, I am a celibate. Random boner is a thing of the past to me. However, I noticed something pretty weird. I like eating home made wraps with salads and I put lot of fresh onion in it. I consumed egg wraps with fresh onions for two consecutive nights (quick dinner!). And while I was about to go to sleep, I got a hard uncontrollable erection.

    I was aware that onions do improve sex life and I experienced it on second night

    Hope this helps. Before you look for approval from other make your life a laboratory and start experimenting.

    Find fun ways to consume raw onions.

  89. Thank for your information, but sir I want to know that if I include onion on my boiled vegetables will it work on curing my premature enjaculation?. plz help me

  90. Two month ago I can erection after taking traditional herbal medicine it’s hard for me to erect what should I do to become back to normal….am 42yrs

  91. hello dr. pls i have problem with my sexual performance, my erected penis is not strong enough and i ejaculate within 1 min, and the size of my penis is less than 4 inchs when erected. pls what advice can you give me. ?

  92. Hello sir, i have premature ejaculation and erection problem due to 7 to 8yr masterbution , so what i do, i ejaculate couple of second, so this garlic and onion will work for me?
    Or any one solition? Plssssss help

    1. you should try semen retention for a few months and stop watching porn. you will see that after a few weeks you have better erection and your ejaculation will also get better. in the mean time start eating onions and garlic and other natural foods and also do kegels.

  93. Sir, I am 20 years old and get hard erection every time I want but once I ejaculate I am not able to get hard again. While my friends says they can stay erect even after first ejaculation. What is problem with me? How can I cure it? Will onion and garlic help?

    1. there is no problem with you it is natural that you have a retraction time after you masturbate. eating a healthy diet will help you with sexual health and so will exercising, but you will always have to wait a bit to get hard again it is common in most men.

      1. Can I shorten this retraction time somehow? Please tell foods that I can eat because I totally rely on junk foods. Can this be cause for it?

      2. unhealthy foods can be a cause of blockages and all that prevent the blood flowing through the penis. eat healthy natural foods and exercise also do kegel exercises.

  94. Hello sir

    I made a combination of white onion (cutting in 1/4 piece of single onion) and honey and kept the same in fridge for a week, and then for a day in normal room
    its smelling bad and further i noticed that honey became like water, so dilute
    is the combination became poisionous? should i take it or not?

  95. pls Sir, I need help from you.I was tested with low sperm count, i read about the help you ate giving to people. i just mixed garlic with onions and Honey together ,will it increase my sperm count and mobility?. pls I need help from you.

    1. dont wear tight underwear, eat natural foods like garlic and onions and also fruits high in vitamin c like lemons and oranges they help increase sperm motility.

  96. Thank u for all the information, i really appreciate ur kind guesture.
    Pls sir, I don’t last up to 5mins on bed and if i mange to cum I can’t go the second time.
    Pls will the mixture of Onion’s, garlic , Ginger and honey help to solve my problem.
    Pls reply its really embarrassing me.

    1. you can try it out its natural and wont hurt to try. also do kegel exercises they will help you get stronger erections as well as make you last longer.

    1. you can do jelqing and stretch as well as do kegel exercises that will help the length and girth of your penis. also eating natural foods will help you with your blood flow that will make your penis bigger.

  97. hi saj123,
    hope you are doing good,
    i’m back with my problem, as i discussed with you couple of months ago that i have problem with erection+premature ejaculation and you told me try to eat onion and garlic with zinc food and after couple of weeks i felt really good,
    i used onion garlic and zinc food about 3 to 4 months i was happy, then i stopped for a month i mean last month i stopped and end of the month i felt same issue again, erection problem premature injection and wet dreams, now i started again to eat onion garlic and other stuff but my question is , is there any permanent solution of this issue ?
    what is the basic problem why it’s happening,
    please reply me in detail thanks.

    1. I am glad you got better using the tips we suggested. your body might be zinc deficient or you might be suffering from low testosterone production. either way eating these natural foods will be helpful to you. as exercising with heavy weights as they will help you build testosterone. keep eating these foods as they are the natural ways to increase blood flow and testosterone. the other solution is to take supplements but the natural food is always better.

  98. Hi Saj sir.. Kindly tell me how many onions and garlic per should we eat.. And how many days will this take to show up the results.. I am having 4 onions and around 10 cloves of garlic every day in raw form but I feel very hot and I feel like my stomach is upset.. So please tell me the normal intake of onion and garlic for good results

    1. four raw onions are too much. 1-2 onions a day and 3-4 cloves is enough. you will see results in a few weeks.

  99. Hi Sir,

    I have followed your suggestion of onion intake everyday in the morning for a week and was able to have sex twice with my wife on day 1 , However when i tried to have sex on the day 2, my erection was not enough to penetrate her fully so we could not have sex that night.. Could you please tell why this is happening even though i am taking onions, garlic and honey as you suggested ?

    Also one more thing to over come this erection problem can i use Suhagra 25mg ( Sidnaphil cytrate ) so that i can have sex with my partner, But i have the following questions

    1. Will taking Suhagra ( Sidnaphil cytrate ) have any impact on my sperm health ( count, motility). Will suhagra kill the sperm ?
    2. I want to father a child, will taking suhagra since i can maintain an erection with help of this drug will i be able to impregnate my wife ?
    3. Can i take suhagra along with onions, garlic and honey daily ?

    Please suggest, awaiting your reply. I am confused whether to take suhagra or No, on internet i dont see any side effects of the drug. However i want to hear it from you, whether i am on going in the right direction ??
    Please help me sir

  100. Hello saj sir,
    I am doing GYM. I am married and suffering from premature ejaculation. Is it ok to take 3-4 garlic cloves with 1 onion in d morning and then going to GYM. And ofcourse after gym i will hv banana shake. Will dis b helpful. Pls suggest.

    1. yes what you are doing will help you get better erections. you should also try kegel exercise they will help you with your premature ejaculation.

  101. Hi Saj sir.. I have been taking onion juice for 2 weeks now.. Can I participate in sex?.. My doubt is if we participate in sex does my testosterone levels again come down?
    I do get some strong erections but does not last long.. Keeps fluctuating.. Kindly tell me how long will it take to see a full results

  102. Hiii
    Is the eating onion at the night is harmful for sex life
    Or I hear a mis conception if you eat onion at night you will not able to make child is it true?? Plz relpy

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