Korean red ginseng for sexual health

Korean red ginseng is a very potent root that has been used to provide energy to the body. Although it is not FDA approved for treating erectile dysfunction but it has been used in the Asian culture for libido increase and erectile issues. Ginseng can help prevent colds and improves the function of the heart which can be good for your sexual functions. The mythology about this root is that it resembles the human body and so herbalist believe that it is a full body treatment.

Ginseng may interfere with some medications so you should check in with your physician before taking it.

The ginseng root is plucked out from the plant and then steamed and dried. The plant has to be more than 5 years old for the roots to be really effective. That is why it is expensive and difficult to acquire.

Advantages of Korean Ginseng:

Korean red ginseng has had many advantages in Chinese medicine. The following are some of the advantages of Korean red ginseng.

Increase energy

Boost the immune system

Improve heart health

decrease stress

Increase Potency

In a recent study 45 men with erectile dysfunction were given placebo and Korean ginseng. The men who had ginseng felt improvement in their erectile dysfunction. The report concluded that Korean red ginseng is an effective alternative for impotence and increase in sex drive.