Kegal exercise for sexual health

Kegals are a great way to keep your penis in good health and mastering erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.  These exercises not only help you get better erection but better blood flow means that the size of your penis increases also. Mastering these exercises help you control your ejaculation.


Finding the PC muscle:

To start doing keegal exercises you need to locate your PC muscle, the easiest way to locating your PC muscle is during urination. Halfway through your peeing session stop and then start again if you are able to do it a couple of times you will have successfully located your PC muscle.


Kegal Exercise Routines:

  1. Contract your muscle for five seconds. Repeat this for ten times.
  2. Contract your muscle 150 times and increase it to 300 times.
  3. Squeeze your PC muscle and hold for 1 minute, try to increase it to five minutes.

Kegal exercises are easy to do and can be incorporated during the course of the day. They can be done while watching TV or brushing teeth. You will begin to see the difference after a few session, and wake up to harder erections. You are welcome


93 thoughts on “Kegal exercise for sexual health

    1. Sit or stand at the toilet and urinate. Attempt to stop the flow of urine; you can now feel the muscle that helped stop the urine. it is the PC muscle

      1. hi dear,

        my question is that i have recently search pc exercise on wiki… but i found most of the results are that pc exercise is dangerious n harmfull n it has many disadvantages… may b these topics n the people who wrote the nagitve thngs about pc muscle excercise are only saying these thngs only to promote there produts… as per many docts on wiki pedia pc after some time if u leave leave this exercise u will lose ur eriction much then before. plz dear admin tell me does pc exercise have any disadvantges…. telling u truly that for me it is much efeective my eriction is xcellent n i increase my drive up to 25 mints. one thing more dat plz tell pc excersie having any disadvantages? will i lose my eriction after few time when i stop doing this exercise. plz reply me asoon as posible

      2. no you wont PC muscle exercises are for better control over your ejaculation and for harder erections. if you dont have a problem with either you dont need to do these exercises. maybe as you get older and your erections become weaker you should do them.

    1. Contract and squeeze your PC muscle after you have located it. starting with 100 contractions and working your way up to 300 is a good plan.

    1. first start by urinating and stopping midway, you are able to do this because you are contracting that muscle. then start doing it regularly, when you are able to contract try squeezing that muscle.

  1. Hi….sir,
    im 20 years old n i want 2 knw tat….can i start doing kegel exercise in tis age……if yes, then plz mail me the accurate blue print of kegel exercise. so tat it will be helpful for me to do it perfectly

  2. Dear sir…
    Please tell clearly how cn i do this exercise… when i stop peeing midway i feel like pain or pressure kind of feeling under my penis is it my PC Muscle. and for how much time i have to squeeze it. and how many times i have to do it in a day.

  3. sir please tell me step by step for finding my PC Muscle….when i stop peeing midway how can i found it. Is it under the penis or under butuk..i am very much confuse please clarify it.

    1. when you stop peeing midway the muscle that helps it to stop is the PC muscle. it is above the penis and once you are able to locate it you can start exercising it.

  4. Dear Sir,
    I tried several times but i cnt find PC muscle. I stop peeing midway i feel some pressure on penis tip bt i cnt find PC muscle. Dear sir i am jst married and i am erection less on bed. i started garlic cloves please clarify me about PC muscle i am anable to find it during pee….please help me. May god bless u and ur family…i am very dipressed. pls help me sir.

    1. Dear Jony,

      Modern standards of sex have set an unreasonable bar on sexual performance that has lead to the activity of sex being one of that comes with pressure to perform and they miss out on the enjoyment. it is important for you to relax breathe normally and enjoy the company of your partner. start enjoying the act of lovemaking and everything will fall into place. regarding the PC muscle this article will help. .
      I wish you the best of luck and stop being depressed you are a great guy and you should focus on your strengths and this way your weaknesses will disappear.

  5. Hello…sir i want to know how can i increase my sexual performance…and get rid of such problems lyk premature ejaculation,night fall,.

  6. Sir

    I have found the pc muscle and I contract it a couple of times. Each time I contracts and try to squeeze it I notice that my anus muscle squeeze as well. So I like to know if am doing the right thing?


    1. yes with better time you would have better control over your PC muscle and you will be able to contract them alone, but it is good that you have started doing them.

  7. Hi
    I’m thinking about taking prohormones, do you think this is
    good idea for advanced bodybuilder like me? Bodybuilders are satisfied with the results after prohormones cycles,
    just google for – 100% pure muscles without side effects – worth a try?

      1. you should try most of the remedies on this site they will help you boost your sexual health.

  8. Sir please muze hindi me Battaeeeeeye. .. Pisab krte krte rukna hai our fir… sir please clear me in hindi or give me your contact no.

  9. Sir is there any video of this exercise. I can’t find pc muscle please share a link of a video or explain me how can I find it. N where is it located

  10. hello Saj
    when i doing this excuse my anus and my bums is also getting tight. and also i have small pressure on my Tommy. is that right or normal for this exercise?
    and can i keep squeezing when i am holding it up.?
    Plz guide

    1. by doing regular kegel exercises and being in better control of your mind. when you are having sex try to be calm and dont get overly excited. if ten is the highest level of excitement try to keep yourself at 7. this way you will be able to better control your ejaculation.

  11. Hi saj123, I got to know about kegels some months ago but started doing them regularly only recently and I believe it is effective. So my question is this when you talk about contracting the PC muscles for 100 times and build it up to 300, do you mean contract it for a fraction of second and release and again contract and release ? Here’s what I am doing right now : Contarcting for 10 seconds releasing for 5. 10-15 repitions of this, started as 3 times a day now im trying several times a day. So let me know if im doing it right and do shed some light on the 100 to 300 contractions thing. Thanks, God Bless.

    1. there are different regimes that different people follow some follow the contracting the pc muscle for 30 seconds and doing ten repetitions and some contract for a couple of seconds for 300 repetitions both are effective for a stronger erection. your regime seems fine too

  12. Sir I am starting garlic from today as I m patient for early ejaculation my girlfriend is not satisfied with my bed time plz let me know exactly when should I take cloves of garlic before sex I mean how earlier should I take cloves and will it help instantly to increase my sex time just of taking cloves from 1 day plz do reply

  13. hi dear,
    i have recently search pc exercise on wiki… but i found most of the results are that pc exercise is dangerious n harmfull n it has many disadvantages… may b these topics n the people who wrote the nagitve thngs about pc muscle excercise are only saying these thngs only to promote there produts… as per many docts on wiki pedia pc after some time if u leave leave this exercise u will lose ur eriction much then before. plz dear admin tell me does pc exercise have any disadvantges…. telling u truly that for me it is much efeective my eriction is xcellent n i increase my drive up to 20 mints. plz repky me asoon as posible

  14. Dear Sir,
    I can’t locate my PC when peeing I can stop it but can’t still find it is only my anus that got tighten and I can’t hold the tightness of my anus for long, is that my PC? should I continue to try tightening my anus?
    kindly reply bcus I have started taking garlic I want to add up d PC kagel exercise too.

    1. hi bishop,

      initially it is common to contract anus when contracting the PC muscle. in time and with practice you will be able to isolate the PC muscle. but dont worry you are on the right path

    1. you can start by eating raw vegetables and fruits. you should also keep your cholestol levels down and exercise regularly. taking garlic will also help with the blood flow to the penis and help with the errection. you would have to de disciplined but with time I am sure you will be able to enjoy great sex. good luck.

  15. My question is that when i contract the pc muscle then my testies and penis lift little slowely and my anus muscle also contracted.Is this pc muscle exercise who i doing is right way?and it is as same as ashwini mudra yoga.and when my penis erected then just precum has pass due to over marturbation.plz help sir

    1. yes you are doing it right. when you start doing it it is difficult to separate different muscles but with time you will be able to do it.

  16. my ques is that when i contract the pc muscle then also my anus muscle is it exercise in the right way?And Is anal sphincter ashwini mudra yoga is as same as pc muscle exercise.plz tel me sir im little confused.

    1. its normal to contract your anus when you contract your pc muscle. with time you will be able to isolate it but initially it happens with almost everyone. I have to plead ignorance about Yoga but it makes sense that the knowledge comes from there. since yoga and sexual health go hand in hand.

  17. sir i have a next question.Penis enlargement exercise like Jelking works?my penis is too small only 4 inches in erection mode.

  18. plz sir tel me penis enlargement exercise Jelqing works or not?my penis is in erection mode only 4 inches.plz sir i request to too much frusted.

  19. plz tel me sir how much time(months) it will take to increase one or two inches to add in my penis by doing jelqing in frustration so tel me plz.God bless you!Thanxs.

    1. jelking is a stretching exercise in which you make an ok sign with your thumb and finger and stretch your penis with it from base to tip.

  20. Dear sir can we mix garlic, little hot water and honey together and can drink that water and which time is better for this morning or evening. Thanks a lot sir

    1. muzzafar these are not exactly scientific studies. why do we keep procrastinating about things like what time we should take? will it mix with this? these are natural remedies and you have to try them yourself. its not like common medication where you need to consult a physician before talking the drug.

  21. Hiiii sir i am vikas i am tring garlic and kegal exersices in the morning ……..15 days later when i seee results my seman leakage stop and harder errections before … having same problem premature enjaculation even worse than before …am I on right path of recovery

    1. yes you are headed in the right direction. these problems that we face happen after years of abuse but we expect miracles when it comes to remedies. just keep persisting and soon you will be able to better control your ejaculation.

  22. I had over masturbation , when I was teenage , am 24 years old , due to over masturbation my penis is not geeting hard as before , please advise best remedy for it , is garlic clove is good for recover the strength again. Its alarming , am tensed , pls advise ,,,, ??

  23. Sir i have to ask you a question-Which is effective:- contract pc muscle and hold for 1 second then just release it and up to 100 repitions for 3 times in a day Or hold 10 seconds pc muscle and repeat 10 time in every workout.Sir,which is little confused

    1. both are effective exercises for building a strong PC muscle. you can alternate between the two as both have their benefits.

  24. How long does it take for this exercise to enhance ones ability to perform better? how many weeks or months do I have to do d exercise in order to last longer with stronger erection?

    1. you will start seeing results very soon after you start doing it. within the first few days. as you master it and your muscle will get stronger you will be able to see great results in a few months. the key is to keep doing it regularly and also not overdoing it. if you feel that your muscle has become sore stop doing it for a few days.

  25. I am doing kegel exercise for almost 3 months now. But I am still suffering from Premature Ejaculations.
    I am 39 years old and having sex for almost 8 years now (since married). But all of sudden since last year the PE issue started cropping in.Please advice me, I am going through a very bad phase in my sex life.

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