Increase Penis size naturally

Penis size is something that our readers have been concerned about a lot and they ask me how they can increase the size of the penis naturally. We see penis length as something that will give us satisfaction and boost our ego. We also consume so much porn that our perception of what the right size of the penis is has been changed. According to most surveys women don’t care about the length of the penis as much as men do.

This doesn’t mean that men will stop trying to increase the size of their package. In the process they might end up damaging their health with products that are harmful to them. The following are some techniques that will help you make your penis bigger naturally.

Kegel exercises:

As I tell a lot of our readers that Kegel is one of the greatest exercises that they could do for their sex lives. Not only does it help in helping us control our ejaculation better so that we are able to last longer in bed but it also helps with the blood flow to the penis and hence with more blood moving in our penis chambers it increases both in size and in girth.


Jelqing is one of the most used exercises to increase penis size. It has been used in the Arab world for many centuries. In this technique the penis is stroked and squeezed from the base to the head. Although there are no studies to show the effectiveness of jelqing but it is extremely popular among the online community. It is said to increase not only the length of the penis but also the girth.


Stretching in another effective way to increase the size of the penis. The goal is to stretch the penis to its limit to increase its size. The problem with this exercise is that people can get carried away with stretching and can cause tissue damage. It is important that these exercises be done gently and try to find the limits of our stretch organically.