Garlic for sexual health – stamina

Garlic can do wonders to your libido. Garlic has always been seen as a miracle herb that heals body organs. It normalizes the blood flow especially towards the penis. Many ancient civilizations have used garlic to increase and heal the sexuality. I have personally tried garlic and can vouch for its powers. It is not only good for vitality and little jhony it is also great for your general health.

How to Use:

You can eat three to four garlic cloves daily for a if you are having difficulty getting an erection. You can cut that down to three times a week after a month. that is if you start feeling better down there. you can also use grated garlic in your meat to get the desired result but raw garlic cloves work much better. Your breath will be awful but I am sure your partner won’t complain after your performance in bed.

Increasing the effectiveness:

In order to increase the effectiveness of the treatment you should cut down on the trans fat. This will not only help you get in better shape but also will help your boom, boom to go zoom zoom.

694 thoughts on “Garlic for sexual health – stamina

  1. Dear sir/Madam,

    Please being requested you to that what is the right time to eat garlic clave, before breakfast , after food or before bed.


      1. Sir what is the exact meaning of garlic clave?????
        I mean whole garlic bunch or one peace of a garlic bunch

      1. Sir I want to chew garlic before having sexy at nights, does it have any effect or is right to chew it and missed with water than drink it before sexy?any problem for that sir?

      2. there is no problem but you should use mouth wash because your breath will be bad after chewing garlic.

      1. sir i am taking the medicines named colospa & nexito plus….my question is can i eat raw garlic in spite of taking those medicines…& when & how should i consume the garlic bulbs???plssss suggest

      1. I snore a lot nd I also av pot belly,nd I get tired easily, I jst start using garlic blended wt ginger nd I missd water with it which I drink the water evry morning nd evry night…will it work for me?????please I need ur advice

      2. you have to lose weight and a good way to do it is eating a healthy diet and exercising 3-4 times a week.

    1. Hai sir
      I want to increase the penis size and strong soon as increase the testies…how it can? Plz send the reply with naturally method

      1. Hai saj123

        Hai sir
        I want to increase the penis size and strong soon as increase the testies…how it can? Plz send the reply with naturally method

    2. You should take 3 to 4 raw garlic in empty stomach.. it will show you the 100% clean result.. i am sure for that why because i used it my past when i was faced the same problem

  2. use it during the course of the day u can take one with each meal u take and one in between. you should also take some mints or mouth fresher afterward because it can have a bad effect on your breath.

  3. I take four clove of garlic three times during each meal. I feel myself bodily healthy. It also keeps away from the diseases. It enhances the capacity to work more.

  4. Garlic being hot in nature, regulate the blood circulation as well as keep all the systems of human body in order inclusive of the Urinary System.

  5. I can confirm that. I found that by accident. One day I had 3-4 garlic cloves (raw) and it really made me horny and yea, I agree it keeps erection for a long time. I didnt have a woman with me so i had to goto a whore. Boy she came 3 times with me!!!!

    1. Dude, that’s fuckin’ awesome. I am gonna try that too! I’d love to be able to make a woman gush and moan while fucking her. Fucking mint.

    1. apart from the bad breadth which can be countered by using mouth wash or mints, there will be no problem in consuming them in the morning.

      1. Please sir ..i need your answer I have been married but I was told there is no cell in my semen to get a woman pregnant…..and I’m noticing varicocele in my scrotum …can garlic clear the blocked veins in the scrotum…please I need your answer….

      2. consult a physician but eating natural whole foods is never an issue so include them in your diet.

      1. try doing penis stretches and kegels they will help you have a bigger penis as well as help you with bigger longer lasting erections

    1. Please Sir am having erectal dysfunction and my penis is not even erecting during day time but it only erect at mid night for some few seconds, can garlic help me

      1. eating a diet of natural foods will help you. eating garlic and onions and figs will help you with the flow to your penis. kegel exercises will also help you get better erections.

    1. women can use Yohimbe, gingko, damiana apart from these herbs, use of almonds, dates and apples regularly can help with sexual problems

    1. sir
      because of the breath after chewing the garlic, can I grate the garlic and mix it with water to drink it at once.

      1. You can boil 5 cloves in water and it’s smell will b less ,you can drink that water after 5-10 minutes and can consume these boiled cloves easily .it’s wonderful for libido

  6. women can use Yohimbe, gingko, damiana apart from these herbs, use of almonds, dates and apples regularly can help with sexual problems

    1. Garlic should not be used by people who have stomach problems,like gastric ulcer , chronic chronic gastritis, it also causes a bad smell so it is advisable to use mouth wash and mints after consuming garlic

  7. I am taking garlic for my sperm increase. how long can a i take it? 1 month, 2month or 15days. could anyone please ans my question.

    1. try adding them daily to your diet but dont eat too much, 2-3 cloves will be enough and in a week or two you might see noticeble difference in your erection and sperm

      1. Thanks.will i stop taking garlic after 2 weeks? if i stop after 2 weeks than do i need to take garlic anymore for increase my sperm?? please, ans me.

      2. sir ,
        there r lots of herbs in market for sexual problem like
        Salab panja
        Salab misri
        musli safed and many more , but they r very costly .. Do we solve our all sexual problems only taking Garlic …plz do me a reply thanx ..

      3. garlic is a great food but obviously you need to use it with other supre foods like onions, fruits high in vitamin c. also doing kegels will help you alot.

    2. Basically garlic has much amount of vit. C that’s y it is very good for sperm production and also effect on libido, you should eat it early morning one piece after two days if you do not have any stomach problem. its better for you to take very low dose in starting. take it for a month then do a test of semen Analysis. You can use other fruits like banana, Mangoes and oranges in you diet for improving sperms and sexuality.
      Sajid Ali Malik

  8. i have ulcer problem .. what do u recommend me to do ?

    my penis doesnt get hard enough … and it doesnt stay erect for longer time .. what do u recommend me

      1. bt im very tense abt my disease .. i m willing to take risk of ulcers .. although they cause a lot of pain … can u suggest something as good as garlic .. im really tensed about it

      2. I would suggest you don’t take garlic, onions, figs, cucumber are better alternatives for someone in your condition

      3. hi Sir im taking 3 garlick gloves with honey i crushed the cloves then i chew it for onces is it ok to drink water after that or i shud wait for a mint please rpl

    1. Firstly you should check your self how you can not do erectile your organ? if the reason is depression, stress, or other thing then firstly relax your tensions from your mind, many doctors is saying if you your stomach has in problem then you will suffer for sex.
      Dear, if you have stomach problem then avoid from garlic, eat fig in daily routine it is much good at early morning, and also take oranges, pomegranate, Milk, Almond but not much.
      Sajid Malik

  9. Thanks.will i stop taking garlic after 2 weeks? if i stop after 2 weeks than do i need to take garlic anymore for increase my sperm?? please, ans me.

  10. But sir, i want to stop permanently after 2 weeks. Benefit of (sperm increase) what i earn from 2 weeks can i use it for my whole life.

  11. How many times in a week a adult person can take garlic.because i dont want to take it everyday. and how a adult person should take garlic.

    1. I think a whole groove is excessive, you should take two, three cloves a day, people who have gastric problems should not take garlic as it can inflame the gastric tract.

      1. Dear Lalit,

        Garlic is not for people with stomach problems, you should use the other remedies on the site.

      2. I eat the hole bulb of garlic no problem. I sure in some cases people with stomach problems cannot tolerate. the normal person should be no problem at all. a very good improvement on erection power. must be eaten raw, cooking kills its power. very happy camper. brush my teeth chew gum garlic taste gone.

      1. sir i m golden from ksa. i have daibties and erect problem thats why i m intentio and sexual timing is not good so plz sujest me for garlic used?and how much and i m going for marriage so kindley help me

      2. It has no negative effects so you can use them as per your requirement but three cloves would be enough

  12. Its realy work, you are great human being.. :
    my next quest is can i eat before dinner or before lunch so that smel of garlic can be remove to hv meal.. Is it gud way to take it.

    1. Thanks Mack,
      A great way is to chop them in pieces and use them as topping, you can also try what you are suggesting and see if it works for you. good luck

  13. hi all… try this wonder drug in this way… as chewing garlic is not a pleasant experience, drink garlic juice… take 4-5 claws of garlic.. make it juice in a mixer with some water.. drink it at once…. make it a daily practice… and enjoy your life….. (Y)

      1. thanks to tell me but sir could you tell after taken garlic in how much time penis getting erection and how long to take garlic and which quantity

  14. Sir, can a diabetic patient swallow 3 to 4 bulb of garlic everyday, can it help in his sex life and also reduce sugar level in the body. more so, must he chop the garlic and swallow before he can get effective result.Or he can swallow it like tablet. and still get effective result also. Pls advice.

    1. I think chopping the cloves into pieces will help you gulp them down easily. garlic intake improves blood flow in the body, you should consult your physicians but garlic intake usually reduces blood sugar level. start with a clove a day and see how your body handles it. you can increase dosage but always in small amounts

    2. Sir I always buy granded garlic in a plastuc bottle from retail shops.I normally mix garlic in my eggs to cook and eat for breakfast. Will it affect me sexual or boost my libido

  15. hi can u tell me i have a problem not erect my sexeual organs some body tell me this is connect from mind that why this happen so can garlic is helpful in this

    1. most of the time erectile dysfunction is psychological rather than physical. Excessive porn, masturbation or tensions can lead to this condition. you should try to relax, take part in physical activities which are a great way to relax. the use of garlic will also help with the blood flow which are important for erections. Good luck.

    1. hi, Garlic is beneficial for women as well, it helps with the blood flow to the nether regions which is important for arousal.

  16. I read in the internet that garlic reduces testosterone in men. is it wise for men to continue taken it?. if this statement is true.

    1. I think Premature ejaculation can be prevented by having a good healthy life style and working on your PC muscle. you can read the article on keegal exercises which addresses that issue

  17. Thanks for your urgent responds, how can i make use of onions and garlic.What is the best way of using it for the boost of testosterone

  18. sir, i m taking 2 cloves with warm water (as we take tablate or capsul) before breakfast,,,is it a right way to have this???? rply plz

    1. If you get results like that good for you, if not try chopping them down and drinking them down with water. you don’t necessarily have to chew them.

    1. what was dosage of damiaplant you have used.and how long you have there any side effect of this medicine?

  19. Thank you very much sir…sir i have one more que. I use shilajeet with milk at night and garlic at morning and soaking almond also i take at morning… is there any side effect. Sir plz reply me. you are a very exellent and helpful person. god bless u..

  20. Dear Sir.. i have gastric problem bt i want to have garlic. does it work in my case for erection. and is it necessary to chew garlic. can i swallow garlic cloves with water

    1. Dear Mark,

      Fruits high in vitamin C increase the sperm motility by a significant percentage. you should add them to your diet on a daily basis and hopefully you would get the results. onions are also a great thing to add to your diet they increase the testosterone levels. good luck

  21. Hi there does garlic increase penis size cause im 18 and penis is really small. Been doctors they said its fine, I dont want to take any pills, so thinking if garlic will increase my penis size. If not do you know what will make my peniz bigger and thicker. I really need help. THANKS

  22. I have but while I have been doing this my penis has gone more thinner and smaller really need a good way please help me. I went doctors and they said its ok. but the size it 0.5′ normal and 4.5′ erect and the girth is 0.4′ which is tiny please help me with a solution.

  23. After the first ejaculation, it takes long for me to gain another erection, can garlic help in gaining an immediate erection after ejaculation, if not please help with anything necessary. Thank you

    1. There is no way to change one’s refractory period and no special technique to being able to have multiple ejaculations in a short period of time.

  24. Sir.I have std since last 3yrs, I have been. Treating with difference medication but still yet. The symptom still in my penis something like wonder, please can garlic cure this. Thanks

  25. Dear Sir,
    I cant chew raw garlic cloves, can i swallow raw cloves with water without chewing them. Is it work in this case for my erection. Pls suggest. Your reply is heartly Appreciiated.

      1. Thanx 4 ur reply sir…. so if i cut 3 raw cloves in pieces and swallowing them with water. After how many days i have hard erection.

      2. you will notice it soon, in a couple of days. you should really incorporate kegels with it for best results.

    1. Dear Rokey, If u have problem to eat directly by chew then i have another solution to use Garlic, Avoid to eat in empty stomach first, best time is after Dinner with partially digestion has been occured, you just add only three cloves of garlic crush them in any pot and directly swollen with drinking lot of water ( Max. 1 litre Water ) and then walk fo ten mints, due to this you will not feel any problem and Garlic’s all properties will go directly to your stomach and then it works for whole body, its not just for ED problem, mainly its good for all those patients they Diabeties, Anty Cancer, Strong Immunity, High and Low Blood Pressure, Control cholestrol level, Respiratory problems, Anti inflementory and also anti bacterial and fungal activity,
      This treatment time Duration is 3 to 6 months continously. It has long period cure. Do it friends and look healthy and smart.Thanks
      Sr. Embryologist
      Sajid Ali Malik

  26. Please help me…I will be gtng married this winters….I used to masturbate a lot…and because of that I can’t even do for 2mins…also….will garlic help in it….please….let me know if there is some other remedy also.

    1. Dear Ankit,

      don’t worry about your timing it will increase as you develop familiarity with your partner. believe me you will enjoy a healthy sexual life so dont overthink too much just enjoy your married life. garlic will help you achieve better erections.

    2. Dear Ankit, Garlic is purly work for suppling blood to sexual organ, it has not any effect on Premature Ejjaculation, it dose not mean to leave this, use it continously, Premature ejaculation will also controlled by your partner as per saying u Mr Saj, but i have golden advise for u and all friends, i have prepared Oil for this problem, and any one can also prepared too, its combination of diffrent oil, like you must have one botel of 100 ml and add in which mustered oil 20% , olive oil, 30%, almond oil 20%, clove oil 10% (must) remaining 20 % walnutt, mix this properly, and use it on daily bases, Uses: just mash it upper side of ur organ with out making errection, also used this 1 hour before sex. Note don’t Miss the Clove oil, and do not Exceed it. use for some months, it will also relex ur Organs veins. An other suggestion for you, just relex your mind during sex, when u started doing sex your mind completly concentrate on this act but when you strted doing action, u should have controlled on your errection mind and talk with your wife to daily and ask about her pleasure.. like this when u feel that u r releasing u stop and again wait for semen will return back and then again start you sex. Thanks
      Sajid Ali Malik

  27. Dear sr… I have very soft erection for very less time and some fluid comes from penis most of the tmes & My partner is not wd me…& m having garlic from 15 days & she cm back after one week .Is this tme is enough for hard erection. and garlic iis
    work for my both problems erecton & fluid. pls help me.

  28. Hi , how many days we need to eat garlic cloves .. if i stop eating after one month will the erection power remain same or again erections will go down 🙂 . I have some sexual issues. Doctor suggested me to have Nano Leo and fludac for two months…
    Please tell me if i have this medicine with garlic , will i get any side effect ? decrease the tablet effect?

    1. you can eat garlic daily and use it as a topping on your food for the rest of your life. garlic is great for the health in general and should be used by everyone because of its benefits. the one exception being people with stomach ulcers. they should not eat garlic as it will inflame the ulcers.

  29. @ saj123 Please reply for this

    Hi , how many days we need to eat garlic cloves .. if i stop eating after one month will the erection power remain same or again erections will go down 🙂 . I have some sexual issues. Doctor suggested me to have Nano Leo and fludac for two months…
    Please tell me if i have this medicine with garlic , will i get any side effect ? decrease the tablet effect?

  30. Sit i have a problem of erectile dysfunction .. Is garlic will help me to ovrrcome my soft errction problens ??? Reply me plz help me

  31. sir if i cut garlic cloves in small pieces and eat is with roti as toppings in my dinner. Is it working for my erection..????? and for how long i have to have it.

      1. dear sir i have nt get my answer….pls tell me…sir if i cut garlic cloves in small pieces and eat is with roti as toppings in my dinner. Is it working for my erection..?????
        pls reply soon…i”ll be greatfull to you…

  32. Hey , well i need some help .. im 21 i have always been into sports till these passed 2 yrs then i had no problem stay hard but now ill be in the middle of having sex nd ill go soft… but within these passed 3 yrs i watched alot of porn with sex here nd there but now i have a full time girlfriend and i cant give her more then 10mins with a full hard on… in these passed 2yrs ive gained about 25lbs… so can u plz help me im 21 this shouldnt be happening :/ note i think i might marry this girl so i wanna be able 2 do everything right … also will the garlic help if im having sex 3 or 4 times a day… PLZ HELP ME…

    1. i think leading a healthy life with a balanced diet and exercise will help. you should also cut the porn and use garlic everyday.

  33. Sir,can i grind many garlic and filter d juice and add pure honey for strong erection of penis is it going 2 work, pls reple saj123 .

    1. Dear Irfan do not use it in excess brother. It may be harmful for your stomach, now you are in age of sexual peak you don’t have need to use for libido. Just control of your hand and avoid from purchasing LUX every weeks.
      Yes if you have any other problem and any doctor advised you then its okay other wise excess of any thing can be harmful.

  34. Hello sir, am having erection dysfunction when am about to have sex my penis is not strong enough….I do watch porn video and masturbate. My friend told me that can also cause it.
    Please sir I really need need urgent reply on what to do to increase my sex life.

    1. Masturbation in itself wont cause you erectile dysfunction, but anything in excess can be the cause. there is also the thing where you maybe pumping the penis too hard during masturbation. i think you should give it a rest for the time being and start adding garlic onion and honey to your diet. you should also start doing keegal exercises and in no time you will achieve stronger harder erection with better control over your orgasm.

  35. In fact I took galic and honey b4 sex For treatment of cathar and my penice can’t reduced it’s strength my wife have to give up. Its the first time in my marriage for 20 yrs in marriage . Galic can do wonders.

  36. Sir, I am from Pakistan,
    I have problem of Blood Pressure, and my Lipid profile is not very good, 5 to 10 number increase from up value,
    someone tell me use garlic as garlic is better for Blood Pressure, so from last week I use one clove of Garlic daily on empty stomach, the method of use of garlic i.e. one clove of raw garlic cut into 4 pieces and eat with water, I dont chew, or use with any other thing due to smell,
    so kindly tell me is it better for me or not???? thnxx for your kind reply, TC….

  37. No you must eat it properly do not take with water. you must use it with honey to change your mouth smell. its too difficult to eat it directly but its super action is to eat it directly at empty stomach.
    Now the weather of strawberries you can eat at evening on daily basis it is also very good for blood pressure.

    1. Thank You Very Much Sir,
      U R right, it disturbed my stomach badly, I feel from yesterday evening, and today morning I don’t use Garlic, and also thank you for suggestion for use strawberries, I will eat IN SHA ALLAH,
      One thing more, As U know, my stomach is disturbed due to use of garlic, now can I use raw garlic 1 or 2 clove during my lunch, or dinner meal? instead of morning with empty stomach, or not?? OR can I use garlic sauce or garlic ketchup or not??
      Sir TC.. and Bundle of thnxxx

      1. you can make a tea of it by putting it in garlic and honey. this way significantly decreases the acidity of garlic, but if you have stomach problems you should not take garlic. you are better of trying other remedies.

  38. Dear you must eat garlic in lunch with including other things and make a paste of all commonly we called it ”Chatni”. Do paste of one small onion, one tomato, Small piece of Ginger for taste, Garlic 2 to 3 clove, Gram masala Hasab zaiqa and Gram masala must contains Clove, Dal chini and Kali mirch and also include green chilli in this paste and do paste properly use it on daily basis at your food. i hope you problem will solve completely with in some time.
    Walk gym can be done for better health and sex.

  39. sir..i am 20 years..i used pills to increase my sexual timings and i have totally become dependent on pills..plzz sujjest some ways to get rid of this problem and attain erection naturally..

    1. you should use garlic and other natural things that help with the erection. I guess being dependent on pills maybe a psychological issue more than mental so you should believe in the natural remedies as much as you put faith in ur pills.

  40. hello saj123 i am 23 ,i am virgin i have a 6 inch dick,can i take garlic to increase my stamina and length , i mastrubate once in a week some times twice .
    and i would like to know that can we take garlic with water like tablet without chewing itz very powerful i dont like its taste.

    1. yes you can take it without chewing it, it wont have the same effect but it will be useful. worying about the size of the penis is something that is unnecessary. almost all penises are the same size so you should not worry too much about the size. 6 inches is more then adequate.

      1. please i have a big problem now for almost for sometime now i can not make sex with my girlfriend,,,,i dont really know with to do please tell me what to do nest plsssssssssss

      2. please i am 36years now i dont really knew what is wrong now with my penis,,,i can”t make sex with my girlfriend any more and i dnt knew with to do please cna garlic do it back for me please let me know plsssssssss

  41. Pls how can u help me? I don’t stay up to 3mins on my wife during sex and it wasn’t like this before. Pls I need ur reply.

    1. you should do PC exercise along with these remedies. when you master PC exercises you will be in better control over your ejaculation.

    1. Joy,
      Garlic helps regulate the blood flow to the penis. For a cure of premature ejaculation you should do keegel exercises.

    1. Garlic is good for the piles as it has anti bacterial qualities. you should also drink warm milk before going to bed it will help you with your problem.

  42. Hello…sir…i want to know how can i increase my sexual performance time…and get rid of problems like premature ejaculation,night fall..etc..pls rply..

    1. Biki you can have better control over your ejaculation by mastering the kegal exercises. the excess of porn means that there are standards of sexual performance are unreasonable and we develop complexes because of it. most people who do not suffer from pre mature ejaculation think they do because of these unreasonable standards that porn have set.

  43. thank u sir….I do keegal exercise over my pc muscles. …I do it whenever I remember of it…like.. at the time of tooth brush, or reading…is there any problem to do it in such a way……or It has any proper format to do……pls let me know…..and is this exercise help me to get rid of premature ejaculation….can I take garlic with honey in this summer season. ?..

  44. May I know if its good to mix garlic and onions when preparing a source like meat, vegetables, fish,okra etc.

  45. I once read that half teaspoon of garlic juice mix with honey and half boil egg at night daily would increase your sexuality ???? Is it true or not??? Please clarify ….

  46. sir…mere ek friend ko ye waham ho gya hai ki wo impotent ho rha hai… there any solution to face psyclogical impotency?

    1. you have to relax first, sometimes it is in your head so dont let it get to you. you should also try using the info on the blog for your benefit. onion juice, garlic and kegal exercises are a good place to start and if you stick to them you will see results in a week.

  47. Sir I am suffering from low blood pressure. Eating garlic regularly will further cause lower the blood pressure.

  48. Dear Sir

    wt to do if the garlic is not giving results.What can be the reason if one find it ineffective after consuming 2-3 cloves daily.Any other way to get rid of erectic dysfunction?Pls reply Sir

    1. If you are not having sucess with garlic, try relaxing a bit, exercising is a great way to relax, you should also use honey and onion juice it will help with your problems but dont over think it. Good luck

  49. sir,

    i m 24 year male, i m a healthy adult, internally and externally very strong, during my college day i gained much weight (76kg) and my.frnds suggested me to.masturbate daily in order to.reduce the weight, i did the same, now i have been pateint of errectile dysfunction for a year, 3 months ago i went to an ayurvedic doctor ( sanyasi pharmacy) and he gave me sone medicines ….. now i hav no pain in my penis, my sperm count is good, i hav frequent errections even after masturbation, i posses morning errections but the only that i dont get rock hard errections, my errection is not sufficient to penetrate a girl….. i need sone pieces of advice as soon as possible to counter my soft errections.
    THANKS in advace .

  50. is it not a permanent solution .. when in eat garliac I feel good , rest of the day .. same problem :: .. please help

  51. its really very good advise for those who r suffering sex problems. Thanks SAJ123 for your kind and cheep advice, really I m going to start from right now

  52. Plz tell me hw could I get rid of my sexual problems like looseness of penis,erectional dysfunction,small penis,premature ejaculation.

  53. Firstly, let me just say I really appreciate all the positive feedback on this topic. I have been doing some research for a while. Just start taking Natural Garlic Oil (1500mg), got them at the pharmacy. Do you think it would be just as effective like the garlic cloves?

  54. I am taking garlic past 2 months no effect in garlic still how many days to take. what sexual tell me.

    1. you should try other things. also identify what might be causing the problems and work on it. this is all about patience so you have to really work hard for self improvement.

  55. sir can you tell me…after eating garlic does ejaculation of sperms takes time,i mean does it takes time to ejaculate… and for how long should i eat garlic before having sex??PLSS SIR ITS URGENT

  56. hi, i m from Nepal.. I have been faceing nightfall problem since 8yrs ..i used all kind of mdcn bt no any effect..garlice can help for it, or can i use for long time love n erraction? What is keegel? Plz rply..thanx..

      1. sir…I m suffering from frequent night fall problem…It some tyms become 4 and 5 timmes in a week….i know night fall is it make me tense…plse give me some quick suggession…and sir u can try nutmeg with honey…u fell good…but I dont no it is use ful in night fall or not…but sir it should be taken in small amount like at the size of a soya seed can act as poision to the body…

  57. I am taking 2 pieces of garlic every day morning in empty stomach. doctor has told me it will reduce my weight .is it true reply me

  58. Hi I am Rashid 25yr old.I used to masturbates daily basis from the age of my penis became small 4″.and sperms comes out asap within one min.. please help me

    1. excessive masturbation can lead to premature ejaculation. whenever you masturbate don’t do it as often and try to prolong it by not getting too excited and when you are getting to the point of no return stop. this will take some practice but you would have to be patient with yourself. keegel exercises are also a great way to better control your ejaculations. as for the penis size it is because there is not enough blood going there. keegel exercises will also help you with that.

    1. garlic give you healthier erections, better control over your PC muscle will give you a control over premature ejaculation.

    1. Try doing a porn free cleanse you can do that by using the laptop in front of people. also try avoiding TV altogether as seductive ads also lead to you getting horny and looking for release. try these remedies and hopefully they will help repair your sexual health.

    1. these exercises strengthen the PC muscle so you are better able to have harder erections as well as better control over your ejaculation.

  59. let someone define premature ejaculation.after a good leave of coitus one must ejaculate ealier than normal.depression and anxiety also contributes to low libido,can garlic alone do the job?

    1. garlic helps with the blood flow and this in turn helps you get better erections. to have better control over your ejaculation you should do kegel exercises.

      1. Garlic increases blood flow to the sexual organs and hence will be equally good for women as well.

    1. dont concentrate on times concentrate on enjoying yourself. if you do that you will be able to relax and then 15 minute orgasms and 20 minute orgasm will be achievable. also do kegel exercises to have better control over your PC muscle which helps you control your ejaculations.

    2. Smoke less, eat and sleep well, do physical exercise and while doing sex, take a beak when u are close to orgasm, instead focus on foreplay. Its all about your own self control. use saliva or coconut oil as a lubricant, since dryness kills the fun, irritates and ejaculates faster.

    1. the problem is you think about these things and are unable to enjoy the moment you are in. it is better to enjoy the moment and the timings will come. start doing kegel exercises and they will help you control your ejaculation.

  60. Iam impressed by the feedback about benefits of garlic so can.imix garlic onion and honey will it help in low libido? What are benefits of water melon in relation to sex

  61. Hi, I was disturb coz of sex timing. and finally im surprise coz after eating garlic for 1 week my timing is increase, Now my wife is disturb and im happy 🙂

  62. Hi Adiz,
    Firstly let me congrats U for increasing ur timing, in fact i am also facing the same problem of PE will U pl. share the details i mean how U took garlic for increasing the timing. Thanks..

  63. hi this is akheel. Sir muje seman anyles may zero ayaa hai. My homeopathy medicine leraha hu. Marriage say phile mere andhar seman40 percent tha uske badh wo zero hogaye hai. Aur testoriad bi very small hogaya hai mere jaisay peshant ko koi medicine milsakta ki

  64. used garlic need increase my penis, increase sexual duration, sperm motilty, satisfied sex,increasing ur timing,is it posible, please tell me , i start only 2 day before breakfast 2cloves and after dinner 2cloves. really is it worked???

    1. hey paul,

      I personally am a big fan of garlic as it helps me get stronger erections but you have to check for yourself if it is helpful to you.

  65. hi! sex is a hike where you both must reach together.its still problematic if your time has increased more than hers.hold her hand as you both go up the’ll surely enjoy it together

  66. Dear sajid bhai.aap k comments read kiye bohat acha laga.aap ne drugs ki bejaye natural aur desi foods use karne ko kaha.i am 100% agree.meharbani kar k apna personel email adress de do tou banda shukar guzar ho ga.main apna masla shair karna chahta hoon aap se personali .

  67. I have early evacuation problem(in one minute or 2minutes). Can solve with garlic cloves then how many I should take and how many month I should eat pls tell me in details.

  68. Sir,
    I am suffering from hemmoroids due to which I have blood in my stool sometimes.
    I am also anaemic?
    Can I take garlic and how many times?

    1. it helps with blood flow to the penis which means stronger erections. eat three cloves daily and you will see the difference in a couple of days.

  69. Still I have not married but I did sex , the problem is I lost control vry soon. So tell me solutions. . After 1 year I will marry so how mny months I should eat Garlic. And is there any other food to increase sexual stamina. Pls tell me.

    1. dear nitya,

      it is common to get excited when having sex for the first time, dont worry about it too much. garlic will help you with your erection.

  70. Sir please tell me which precotion I should tke now. I shud not think more about sex, and how much garlic I should eat in a day or week. And other things to increase sexual stamina.

    1. eat garlic and onion and dont worry too much about sexual performance. you will see the results and when you start having sex with your partner you will increase your time gradually.

  71. Iam 75 year old male with a problem. When I masturbate and ejaculate I shoot urine instead of seminal fluid.My urologist say he has never heard of this and does not know how to treat the problem.

    1. please empty your bladder and try masturbating. I have never heard of a similar problem. you should also increase the use of vitamin c in your diet to help increase your semen.

  72. I am having soft erection since 2days idk what happend suddenly.eating garlicand onion on daily basis witj kegel exercise will help me recover my hard erection. N yes i was thinking to start thighs exercise will they help in it reply asap 🙂

  73. In how many days i will see result in this problem? As i am a bit tensed about it. I mhave started doing walk on daily basis, reduced smoking, strtd using garlic onions bananas n dates with pure milk. Will this all help me in it . Reply asap 🙂

  74. Thanks for all the tips doc…..anyways doc….how o get a instant errection as your partner get naked? She always have to be giving me a helping hand … secondly when I smoke a ganja/marijuana I get rock hard errection, is that healthy?

    1. recent studies suggest that men with high cholestrol might get better erection with marijuana. I think you should get your cholesterol checked.

  75. Dear friends its glad to know here all of u r doing a good job in a way for providing some appreciating ways for sexual dissapointed dude. Dear can someone say in clear i made sex with seven years old age of my grlfrnd she is married now nd my age is 27 . i m failed to give maximum pleasure actually my cock is not in such a way that can perform harder. As pet docter suggested me low tesrorane nd more. Right now i hve hotel dati g on 24 th of novemver i wanted to take help have any piwerful solutions thru self confidence that i xan better ultimate perform? In such a way she able to cry…….bus stop

  76. Kegal exercise and way of taking onion.sir u can say in detail like i could fully get it.sir one important thing i joy most and get pleasure on losing of my sperm after a mobile sex this type of masturbate is healthy or dishealthy? I hot frustrate to think about this

  77. Hiii…..
    I wna knw wn we shud hv garlic for longer erections.
    I mean how much garlic in a day and how 2 eat by chewing or swallow and when…
    Plz reply…

  78. Ye penis ka size aur thickness kis factor per depend karta hn means ek 28 years ka dude hn aur ek 35 yrs ka wo dono ka penis ka thickness and lenth age wise tao varry karega.? Mjhe jabardast thickness nd lentgh grow karna hn jo kisi ko ultimate pain and appreciation dilay. Have someone say way of solution.i dont stiill get proper answer.

  79. sir i am suffering premature ejaculation i will get married after two months i m feeling very upset, if i can used to eat garlic is it help me in harder erection within two month. please suggest and advice me the best way to overcome as i have no more time.

  80. Sir u didnt said when and how much to have….I eat garlic by chewing..
    Morning empty stomach 2 and in night after fud 2…its k na….I need longer erection.
    Plz hlp sir….

  81. weneva I am romancing my woman,d erection is always good but after puting my dig into her vagina it will still be strong BT after two seconds I will ejaculate and release inside her.pls,can garlic cure me from this. mess.

  82. I nid an advice on my health issue.I ejaculate early during sex.I spend just two seconds in my woman vagina.pls,will garlic and ginger solve my PE issues.

    1. you should stop masturbating for a few days and do kegel exercises. your erections will become harder. also dont start masturbating till you are fully hard.

  83. dear sir,
    you are doing excellent job by helping people with your priceless sugesstion.sir i drink vodka and beer almost daily, i want to know will it affect my sex life? i am 35 yrs of age.

    1. curb it down cowboy. alcoholic beverages have an adverse effect on the sexual health. try to slowly reduce your intake it is not good for your general health as well as they accumulate unnecessary calories.

  84. hii sir how are uu can i take garlic cloves some milk put banana and sugar mixing then drinking its good or not reply me thanks as soon as possible

  85. I have seen Garlic Cauae some acidity, Should I continue eating it or can a clove of garlic can be swallowed, does it have same results ??

  86. hii hii sir how are uu can i take garlic cloves some milk put banana and sugar mixing then drinking its good or not reply me thanks as soon as possible

  87. Asslamalikum saj my question is frm u wenevee I Cht any thng dirty or thnk dirty in my mind my penjs get hard an sme minute it’s gets down an I gt precum cumz out frm my penis m very disappointed cn u kindly tll me please wa happn an if I eat garlic Wud tht help stopping my precum


  88. Asslamalikum saj my question is frm u wenevee I Cht any thng dirty or thnk dirty in my mind my penjs get hard an sme minute it’s gets down an I gt precum cumz out frm my penis m very disappointed cn u kindly tll me please wa happn an if I eat garlic Wud tht help stopping my precum

      1. Beccoz I feel embarrassed wen ever I talk abt sex it’d has tu cum out isi danger fr me or isi kinda normal an hw cn a stp Wht does the garlic ellese does for my penis

  89. @saj123, please kindly advise on how best to consume garlic. I grate 3-5 cloves into a fine paste and gulp it down with water. Then I continue eating my food. I do that breakfast, lunch and dinner. Does eating GARLIC on empty stomach more effective??? Please advice accordingly. Thanks a lot

  90. I first discovered online that garlic could cured herpes. I tried everything loaded with disappointment. at first I was cooking garlic that didn’t do anything for me. Then finally after good while I decided to try raw I have herpes on the mouth so I rub the garlic on my lips right on the breakout. Well it burned like hell didn’t seem to help. then I tried eating a whole bulb of it mixed in my brecfest. it took 2 or 3 weeks but it worked finally breakouts have not come back to haunt me. it’s amazing all the high price pharmaceutical it’s only really supposed to stop break outs. but supposedly there’s no cure. garlic work better than anything I tried not to mention it’s a lot cheaper any of those pharmaceutical drugs. as an added bonus better erections on top of that something I didn’t expect.

  91. my big problem is early discharge, and low sperm count, but i don.t have stomach problem, can i take garlic in the morning time with empty stomach,and much days i take this…….???,

  92. Pls sir before now i spent 20-30mnts with my wife during sex,bt after i traveled for like 1month without having sex and i came back to have sex with her i found out that i couldn’t last for 5mnts and i couldn’t have another erection either for the period of 3hrs i spent with her before traveling again that same day,pls what do i do am 35yrs?.secondly my penis doesn’t get harder the way i always wanted and i thought its because i have a long penis of about 6.1inches.lastly after first round of sex it takes me about 5hrs or more for the next erection. Pls sir what do i do can garlic help me on this issues? I want my penis to be stronger

  93. sir i have always pain in my dick head and in my eggs and my dick dose not become think more cose of more mestrubation my age is 26 and weight is 86 and hight is 5.8 and sir i dose not dream wet since many months i am so afraid and up set please help me plz mail me soon as soon…

    1. its not a problem, you are building excessive sperm. if you want you can masturbate during the day so you wont build excess semen.

  94. Hello, I am so weak in sex and my penis is so small in size and can not satisfy my partner. I am 36 years married man. can you advice me about my problem please??

    1. you dont have to have a huge penis, just relax and enjoy your lovemaking. we live in a society where we compare our selfs to pornstars and that causes an unbelievable level of pressure. just enjoy sex and use natural remedies for a healthier sex life. if you want you can do jelking which will help increase your penis size.

  95. Sir m 25…from last 2years i have got my penis to bend in slightly left from middle….can taking garlic help me out from this??..plzz suggest me solution..plzzz…m tensed…m unmarried yet…

  96. a calm and concentrated mind together with intimacy will optimize erection.
    though garlic will relax the blood vessels,a natural or brain induced erection is more sweeter and last long.

  97. I am taking garlic 4 cloves every day before going to bed. Chopped in small pieces with water. Is it good i am 32 years old n use to do sex everyday. But now having problems with erection n short duration.

  98. Saj I want to ask a question…that with 4 cloves of garlic….how many onions should I hve to eat so to cure erectile dysfunction???pls answer…I m m waiting here

  99. Hi saj, I’m 26 yrs old. I had a girlfriend 2yrs ago and my sex life with her was just perfect, I wasn’t having any problem with my erection then, everything was perfect. Every sexual experience I had with her was a pleasurable one but along the line, we had to break up. After we broke up, I only had casual sexmates but no serious relationship until last year december when I met a girl I truly loved again. She always deprived me of sex at first whenever I should make a move towards her and I understood with her. After a month she decided to allow me have sex with her but I was finding hard to do it, we will both be in the mood, my penis will be rock-hard when we are kissing and fondling each other but immediately I take off my clothes and try to penetrate her, I will just lose my erection. The few times I could maintain an erection I won’t even last up to three minutes and I will just cum. The girl told me that has been her history with guys, she said all guys that have tried to have sex with her always lose their erection..,she usually goes into tears whenever I try to make love to her and lose me erection, and she keep telling me everything is her fault, I try to make her understand that the fault is not entirely hers but she keeps insisting its hers. I’m really bothered and depressed because I haven’t experienced anything like this before, and I truly love this girl. I will appreciate your advice on this issue please. Thanks a lot.

    1. it seems that the problem is more psychological then physical since you are able to get erections. what you could do is try to relax and maybe ease into sex. blaming each other will not help. what you could also do is not make the sex about intercourse. you can stick to kissing and pleasing her other ways before having intercourse.

    2. dont blame each other maybe you should leave penetration for now and try to please each other in other ways when you both are relaxed things will get back to normal

  100. Dear Doctor,
    I have a problem ie why am writing this letter ?

    if I am start with sex suddenly sperm is going out,

    how to i make the stamina, if the Onion juice i tsp + ginger juice 1 tsp mix ans can i have it.

    I am awaiting your replay.

  101. sir i have one question. I
    use shilajeet with milk mrng and night , so can I use garlic ? if yes then which time eating wil be good, Sir plz reply me. you are a very
    exellent and helpful person. god bless u..

  102. Sir, I am 33 years old, got married 11 years before. I have three kids. But now for about a month I am facing problems with my erection. I had also premature ejaculation problem since the beginning, but I cope with it by having sex twice at a time. Now I have full erection for the first time but due to PE I discharge very early, and trying for the second time it is very difficult for me to have erection. Whenever the penis gets tight it start to discharge, or sometimes it discharge before having erection.Kindly suggest any permanent remedy for me…..

  103. sir I am interested in the benefits of garlic, but I just question. . reduce the impact of garlic or benefit if I cooked her first by fried garlic before I eat ??? thank you

  104. @Saj
    I have been eating raw garlic since last 3 week but i am still having problems with erection like if i am with my girlfriend i dont get erected but on the other hand when i watch a porn or something i do get erected please tell me whats goin on thanks

    1. i think that you take a break from porn. what you have is a very common thing where some guys get so intuned with porn that its the only way for them to get erect. take a break from porn for a couple of weeks and you will start getting aroused by other ways.

  105. @thanks saj but i want to know is this a really serious problem as i am very worried i have been let down a couple of times like just before taking clothes off my erection went away and it was very bad feeling my girlfriend didnt said anything but i know its not normal please help me with this. If possible please email me on thanks

    1. dude i feel you but you have to take sex off the table for the moment. if you keep thinking about it the pressure will get to you so just relax and be comfortable around one another. it will come eventually. if it doesnt happen you would have to talk to a psychiatrist. good luck

  106. @saj
    Thanks for your help saj but psychiatrist sounds very disturbing do u think if i stay away from sex for a while n stop thinking about it. Will situation get better??? Please

    1. yes you can certainly try, just relax with your girlfriend and it will comeback. if you over think it, it will be difficult to control.

    1. keegel exercises are exercises that you do for the pelvic floor they help you maintain stronger erection and help you control your ejaculation.

  107. I think that every desease can be treat with Garlic, it is very better for lung, Heart, liver., Skin, Gastric / acidic issues etc so. every one can eat it but very carefully, It is very better that at first consuly with a family doctor.

  108. hello sir, i am 22 age boy. my problem is my penis size is 5 inch & standing capacity very low & v v thin .plz sir give me suggestion what I am doing in this situation ….plz give me .good suggestions.

  109. hello sir . pl help to us . when i see the any articles like or think about sexual . that time my penis discharging white gel.. so how can solve.1st .that same r problem for premature ejaculation . so please suggest me .. i waiting for reply sir ..

  110. thanks sir . can u suggest me best how to eating the garlic cloves . in day so can i stop my premature ejaculation.n how to eat long time . or another medicine with him please help. us

  111. Premature ejaculation is a caused by diffrent ways, so first you check out what is problem, like, your semen has not more viscous after ejaculation its watery, you are addicted to eat more dry fruits i mean in excess, you have habbit to do mastrubation on daily basis, very low water intake, watching porn movies every time, your mind is so crazy for sex. and many more in hidden, first you change your daily routine, include lady finger, chickpeas, fig, boiled egg, garlic raw, olive oil, banana, and milk in ur diet, these all are best for sex. An other formula if u want to add in ur daily routine, Clove oil mix with 2 more oil with 40 % clove oil and 60% others like, Almond, walnut, olive oil etc. use this every night in bed just upper side of ur organ without errection only 10 mints. if u feel errection then leave for some mints and change ur mind and then mash it upper side of ur organ, via this ur veins will be stronger and sustaining and premature problem will solve after use of 2 months.
    Sajid Malik
    Senr, Embryologist
    Multan Pakistan

  112. hi sir my sperms comes out very soon while having sex…how can i increase time … dry dates wid milk is gud for long time stamina if yes the how to take it n how many dates…thankz

  113. please let me sir . what have selectivity for penis during the sex and getting immediate.( during the sex .penis get sensitivity) discharge ejaculation . what has the main problem them n how to solve it please suggest sir. ..

    1. Try wearing a condom it helps if your penis is ultra sensitive. you should also do kegel exercises for better control.

  114. Hi sir
    I’ve start talking kinda 2 or 3 cloves of garlic with olive oil and with dry fruits with 1 onion do you think it will give a result ? I’m not sure if the oil is really good for full erection answer plz

  115. Sir, I had a clove of garlic on daily basis. I had enjoyed sex a lot for a month. But suddenly despite using garlic (daily one ) now again I have erection problem. I used to have sex every second day and I was feeling very well but now again I feel erection problem……………what to do now.

  116. Often use Badham past daily morning eat 100 grams evening morning eat before Break fast. And too continue Garlic twice in a week if you keep eating badham paste. I.e badham Gum…

  117. hi sir… I am suffering from insomnia for 3 years..and also problem of premature ejaculation with in no seconds…. Sir how to improve my sexual stamina by eating garlic …even I can not make good erection please solve of my problem….. I want to feel like a killing my self because I am about to marry sir

    1. i think sleep is essential for the body to recharge and it is important for you to relax. getting married may be tense but try being positive and thinking positively. you should look forward to having some beautiful moments with your partner. I think you should try getting some sleep and it will help you with all your problems. the best way to do it is do some meditation before going to sleep. also drink some warm milk and stretching before going to bed.

  118. Sir,
    I am 23 years old & I used to musterbate since the age of 12 & I used to do it several times a day, I did it regularly till 20 & even now do it occasionally. Recently I got married but my penis do not erect so much & it take a lot of time to get hard & fall so fast. What can i do? will garlic help? if it will then how should I take it? I see different opinions here? plzzz tell me the actual way including the quantity & time to take & also can i drink water after water?

    1. garlic will help with getting better erections. coupled with kegel exercises and you will have solid erections in no time. you can drink water after eating garlic.

  119. Should garlic be eaten empty stomach or we can take it any time. My stomach does not digest it now. As I feel a bit pain in stomach and got gas trouble few days earlier.

  120. Sir,
    thanks a lot for replying… to inform you, I am eating raw garlic to solve my erection problem after checking ur website… I have been eating it maybe for the last one week & to inform you, I feel a little bit better now but recently I am facing a trouble that is, when I eat raw garlic empty stomach in the morning, after eating & drinking water I feel a pain in my belly for few times…. Can you plz say why this is happening & what can I do for it?

    1. garlic has some adverse effect for people having sensitive stomach. if it bothers you in empty stomach you should not take it like that.

  121. hi sir .. At what time to eat raw garlic and how many cloves we take for day , how many days we take effective results…. A part from that how to do kegal exercise everyday please suggeste me sir…. I am suffering from premature ejaculation and erection problem thanks you sir

    1. why do you guys need to complicate everything just take eat two three garlic cloves everyday do not worry about the time of day. also you can start with doing 25 kegel contraction holding them for three seconds. then increase the hold to 5-10 seconds and perform these exercises everyday.

  122. I smash 1-2 gloves of garlic into the glass with hot water. Drink it three times a day when your stomach is not empty. You will start to see result in three weeks. Your sex and your health improve a lot. I take it for my allergy, but surprisingly my sex and my health all get better.

  123. Hii !! Noah !! My current age is 40 now and m single … last many yrs i did mastrubation a lot .. now m really very much worried , coz i totally lost of errection ,, u can say that in 0 % now … m very much healthier , but coz of this errection problem its killing me day by day ,,,, so plz gudie me how can i over come from this errection problem ….
    Let me tell u from last one weak what all m consuming ………
    1) Morning the first in Empty stomach M taking 5 Cloves of Garlic by adding little butter and frying in pan till it gets little brown colour and eating that … 2) after half & hr i take apple and dates Juice … after one hr m taking black ressin soaked in water …
    soo this all m doing now from last one weak …. Plzz gudie me till how many months should i take this and will i get back m errection ,.,, This tension is killing me now …. at this age if m suffering from this means i cant lead my life … soo plzz guide me ….

    1. dont worry about it too much. you will be able to see results soon. add dry figs to your diet and you will hopefully see results soon.

  124. pls I masturbate alot and I don’t know how to stop and I have a very weak erection and my penis is small….pls what are the things I can use for all this? I have had sex only once and I did not last for up to a minute. I really need your help. Thanks.

    1. hi, you have to try to prolong your masturbation sessions. the thing is after a while we start to just want to get to the point of release over time it leads to us mastering getting to the point sooner. you can reprogram your system by not coming soon during masturbation. when you are about to cum slow down and start again after a while. also try not to get too excited if you feel you are getting too excited try to come down a couple of nothces. try deep breathing and think of different things. you should also eat fresh food and do kegel exercises.

  125. I don’t last long during sex less than 2min and that I dnt like so my girl just recommend garlic for me will it really help me and for how long will it take before I can see the effect of the garlic, should I be eating it raw everyday? kindly help me out cu’s I really want to last long during sex.

  126. DEAR sir, i am only 21 years old now. Past i have used lots of master beting. Now when i used to go having sex with my gf i lose my power only 15 secends. not only that when i used to littel phone sex i lossing my power automatecly plz sir gave me gd solussion i read your page totally

    1. hi, you have to try to prolong your masturbation sessions. the thing is after a while we start to just want to get to the point of release over time it leads to us mastering getting to the point sooner. you can reprogram your system by not coming soon during masturbation. when you are about to cum slow down and start again after a while. also try not to get too excited if you feel you are getting too excited try to come down a couple of notches. try deep breathing and think of different things. you should also eat fresh food and do kegel exercises.

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  128. Dear sir, I ve problem of pre mature ejaculation n my penis doesn’t erect for longer. And I am sufferi.g from dhaatu rog. Plz sir tell me hw to cure it by using garlic or something else. I used shilajeet fr 1-2 month bt it dindnt cure my disease .

    1. try to lead a healthy life style and eat garlic, onions, fruits and vegetables. they will help you be a healthy person and help you with your erections. also do kegel exercises as they will help you have long lasting erections. but it is a process and requires patience. expecting results overnight can lead to disappointment and discontinuity. I wish you the very best.

  129. After 2 days using raw garlic with breakfast, i felled good. My weakness have gone. It helps to warm up body.

  130. I eat 2 cloves of garlic every day at morning in empty stomach and after 15 min I drink milk. Is any problem in drink milk after 15 min of eating garlic cloves.

  131. sir i do mastebate for very long period .now i m married i feel so much sex i dont have control over me that lead to very early ejaculation plz suggest me remedy thnks

    1. try to breathe normally when you feel you are getting overly excited. also pull out of your partner and try to get your arousal level down.

    1. why do you need to increase your sperm count.? the only way you can increase your sperm motility is by eating fruits that have vitamin c.

  132. Dear sir,
    I am using figs and dates early in the morning, roasted chipeas time to time and 5-6 cloves of garlic daily with the dinner.
    Are all these things are useful to cure sexual stamina, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction ?
    Or should I cut down or add any thing else ?
    Please reply.

    1. I cannot say how things will effect your body. Have you started feeling any changes. how different are you feeling? When I eat three cloves of Garlic my erections become harder but it is different for different people. so it is important for you to experiment and see what things work for you and what dont. Good luck

  133. Sir i m 20 year old in the early years i have best sex feeling but from two years i lost my feeling and problum in erection and pain in penis less standing power of penis
    Kindly tell me a better way for sex

    1. garlic will help you get a harder erection and kegel exercises will help you control your orgasm better. it is also important to stop masturbating for a while and stop watching porn. after a week or two you will see positive changes. when you will get harder erection you will have better sex feeling. you should also try drinking fig milk and it will help boost your sperm production.

  134. I had over masturbation , when I was teenage , am 24 years old , due to over masturbation my penis is not geeting hard as before , please advise best remedy for it , is garlic clove is good for recover the strength again. Its alarming , am tensed , pls advise ,,,, ??

    1. garlic will help you get a harder erection and kegel exercises will help you control your orgasm better. it is also important to stop masturbating for a while and stop watching porn. after a week or two you will see positive changes.

  135. Sir,
    I have a qu the garlic is help for penis pain (after straight) because I have lots of pain during straight of penis position can u explain its better for me bad how to use that..plz give me reply asap ..

    1. Garlic, walnuts, dark chocolate all help boost sperm count and fruits with vitamin c help in increasing sperm motility. you should avoid taking hot baths and wear lose boxers as opposed to briefs.

  136. I am taking some aayurvedic medicines from last 5 months for erecterectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation I am getting results but not that much as much I want. can I use garlic along with these medicine ?how to take garlic ??? I take medicine at day and night

  137. sir, my penis has good erection but my time period is very small and I have night fall problem from a long time. would garlic taken before breakfast really work for me? plz answers

  138. Hello….
    Hey saj…. I have a problem my testicals are hanging and i do mastrubation daily tow to three time a day. How do i make my testicals tighten and yeah i use to have garalic 4cloves everyday it will help me tighten my testicals? And wen i have sex i cum very soon in 1mints to 2mints I’ll cum den later i have to wait it for the next erection plz help me……
    I’m waiting for ua reply!

    1. dont rush when masterbating. take your time. the problem with us is we rush to orgasm when masterbating. this leads us to cumming quicker and quicker and hence we cum very fast. just try to relax and slow down when you feel yourself cumming. taking zinc supplements will help your balls tightening. figs are a great source of zinc.

  139. I have ejacuation very fast so i started eating raw garlic 4-5 clows every day since 2 days.. but now i feel burning inside my pennies n no erection atall v dull even the balls r not tight… kindly help me

  140. It is kind advise to all of you those have erectile or libido issue firstly judge the basic reason of it.. many reasons for that condition so garlic is not for all.. mostly may people have not originally entire problem but due to tension less of confidants and stress make him this problem so avoid these things without judging proper issue.. Garlic has good source of chemical compounds that helps for blood circulation into the penis but it dosn’t mean you people eat without any has many more issue regarding stomach ulcers.. so i wish to clarify first ur self then eat it.. thanks for further guidance u may contact me via email …

  141. Sir now days my penis is not standing some time standing then suddenly loosing I’m married 7 year I’m 31 year old I have a baby, sir plz help me out, I’m feeling am assisting when my wife want sex and I’m avoiding plz what should I do

  142. I found garlic is helpful. eating garlic daily in the morning and doing regular exercises made be back in the game 🙂
    But still yet to get the speed that had before.
    another workaround is to have the partner start first and then take over
    I am also eating eggs, banana and berries.

  143. pls before I have sex with my partner, is it advisable to grind garlic and apply on my dick before sex. pls advice me.

    1. stop doing it for a few weeks and stop watching porn. your erection will return to normal. also do kegel exercises

    1. I will tell this to you for the last time there are three things you should do. first stop watching porn. you guys watch porn and compare the unrealistic sex that happens with what you do. the other thing that happens is by masturbating a lot you guys get good at it and come sooner every time then before. the third thing is dont compare sex with masturbation when you have sex with a partner it has feelings and emotions. you get emotionally connected to them that you dont get when you are masturbating. so over time you find out about there rhythm and what they love and have great sex with them. also try to be fit and active and also do kegel exercises and eat onions, garlics and figs. when you combine all of that you will be fine.

  144. hey.sir i m 55y old &blood sugar palt.i use garlic i started from 20days 3 or 4 i use i feel better &accour sexdisire but nowi no feel any sex feellings i dont no what wrong with me i not get erection & not any amination or any desire in my heart what can i do ?plz. Soon reply and advise me thanx

    1. try to stay happy, fretting about these things can lead to you being consumed by them and these things making you sad which can have a negative effect on your sexual life. try to be happy and concentrate on all the positive things in your life and things that you are grateful about.

  145. i have a low sperm count, can garlic help? what other foods can boost sperm count quicker, will i be able to imprignate my wife, ? am married, now its 5 months but my wife is not yet pregnant. my sperms are colourless, not white in colour, how can i bring back my fertility back. Please, I seek Help. My Email is

    1. hi chris i hope this finds you well. 5 moths is not a long time to be married and not be pregnant. keep doing what you are doing and also bring fruit that are high in vitamin c like oranges, lemon and kiwi in your diet.

  146. Sir I am suffering from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and morning wood. Will use of mixture of safed musli, kali musli and kalonji in morning and evening be useful? Is there any side effect if I consume it? Please answer my question.

  147. Hai sir
    I want to increase the my penis size with length and width and strong…my penis is not getting errected…and as well as to increase my testis and sperm count with naturally please help me…please suggest me… there any solution for this…

      1. Dear sir
        The garlic will increase the penis size length and width to errection…if yes how much garlic pices would be eat a day…and how many days I have to eat…

      2. Hai sir I want to increase the penis length and width with strong
        And I want to increase the strong testies…plz send the reply with. Naturally

  148. sometimes when i masturbate i doesn’t ejaculate sperm other than this a transparent sticky liquid came out

  149. please sir solve my problem my ejaculation volume also decreased help me out sir n i m taking raw garlic from 3 weeks

  150. Hello sir.
    I was musterbating everyday in childhood thats why my sexual power is too weak to conntrol ujaculation after intercourse
    pls sir suggest me how to beat this problem?

    1. masturbating everyday is not the problem. you should start doing kegel exercises it will help you delay ejaculation.

  151. Hii sir,I used garlic ,onion juice,and banana first 1 was very effective but now a day .I hv problem of erection in my panic. Sir plz help me.what should avoid in three items and how much time should I use onion,garlic .

    1. dont need to panic, onion garlic are effective so keep using them. try to be calm and don’t overthink these things.

  152. Hi, sir am 27 i have very small dick. A part from it i am having premature ejaculation, how to be strong health in sexual health, please suggest me good advice and tips as a home remedies, to enhance sexusl power as am very poor to resort expensive products sir , sometime i feel like killing myself kindly help me

  153. Naresh dont kill ur self.. firstly you should know in medical science 3 inches penis is enough for getting pregnancy.. so u dnt wory if u want to build up ur size of penis so it is too difficult..for sex thr are many thing in foods.. like walnuts, banana, Chocklets , garlic’s, green tea,beans, plenty of water… dnt take any medicine. make ur daily food eating routine, and also do some soft exercise. Look if ur stomach has some disturbance then dnt take allicin (Garlic). Banana + Milk+ One desi egg raw = make the shake and drink one glass every day after meal ( meal should be digested fully. walnuts has no time to eat just eat 50 gm daily.. chokelets also eat daily in little amount, and also take green tea with lemon. wthr u are healthy or not… i hope u will feel better after 2 months… and another thing dont do masturbation.and after two months u should report me. Sajid Ali Malik ( Senior Embryologist, Pakistan)

  154. i have chronic constipation problem and i use daily at bed time ayurvedic kayam churan for constipation.. Sir can i eat garlic ?

    my penis doesn’t get hard and no large enough … and it doesn’t stay erect for longer time .. what do u recommend me to do.

    1. eat lots of fibers in your diet and avoid starch. once you get rid of your constipation issues you will find that everything else will get better. also eat lots of raw vegetables and fruits

  155. Sir i have benefitted by garlic use now getting hard erection but not lasting more than 2 min please advice.
    What is the average time ?

      1. Please reply ………I take everyday one piece garlic …chew it and after that I drink one glass water before going to bed……..can it be helpful for night falls……………….

  156. Hello Sajid ! Can we take crushed garlic with honey on an empty stomach right away. Or do you recommend soaking crushed garlic overnight in honey and taking it the mornings. Also should we wait 15-20 mins for breakfast or can we have breakfast in few mins of taking it. Thanks for your help and efforts !

    1. yes you can eat garlic. try to keep your blood sugar levels normal and try to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. also do kegel exercises as they will help you with your erection.

  157. Sir, if I will take 3-4 cloves of garlic and swallow it with water can I expect the desired result of inreasing sexual drive? because chewing leads to a very bad smell in the whole room.

  158. sir i started eating one garlic after i wake up in empty stomach. and i want to know my main part is not straight and during sex i end up in few garlic the cure of this problem ?

  159. Dear sir . I eat garlic with honey early morning empty stomach. Can you tell me please. How is this for my health or sex life. .please suggest me. ..

  160. Hello Sir, Anytime I have sex with my wife sperm pours out of her vagina. Please can I have a solution to that. Please help me out.

  161. hai sir my only question is i eat garlic on empty stomach but immediately i drink water because garlic is strong can i get its benefits
    what is best chewing garlic or swallowing what

  162. hey saj123, can i make garlic, onion & ginger juice of all three items,mix all three items make a juice of all three,drink small amounts with empty stomach everyday,please tell can i store the juice in refrigerator,how many months juice will we preserved,please reply soon……

  163. tell me how much quantity of ginger,garlic & onion should i take to make a balanced juice,is it good to store juice in fridge,is it healthy to store in fridge,i cant chew garlic as it is very spicy,bitter,i tried once i chewed raw garlic cloves,my tongue started to feel like burning,unable to taste the foods,my tongs taste receptors unale to taste or feel the the sweetness of any food or fruit,please reply soon

    1. you experiment what works for you. for some people they cant stand the bitterness of garlic and onions so they might need to add more honey to balance it out. for others they dont mind the taste so they can use less honey.

  164. hey its right to chew raw garlic but it very hard to do so because its very strong and feels acidity in any solution for that?

  165. sir its right to chew raw garlic but it very hard to do so because its very strong and feels acidity any solution for that?

    1. crush it and swallow it without chewing. the other thing you can do is eat small amounts at a time. eating large quantities at a time can lead to chest burns.

    1. dont think about it too much. there might be lots of reasons for that, you might not get relaxed and hence have problems with the erection. just give it a few days and dont think too much about it. if you dont see any improvements hit me back up.

      1. Am eating raw garlic before going to sleep.. I didn’t find any difference.. still I have low erection.. but I’m taking it regularly.. wil it cure my ED problem? and I started eating Horny goat weed leaves.. is that ok to eat these two at the same time for getting hard erection? pls do reply ASAP.. tq☺

      2. you can take both it is no problem. you should also star kegel exercises as they will help you get better erections.

  166. Sir plz tell me I m using 4 clove in the morning for 20 day’s until it could not show their effect in erection. .and how many times to be taken show their effect. ….

  167. my pennis not getting full erect.. how many days I should eat garlic to get my erection back.. I was masturbuting for more than 5years.. coz of masturbution I got this problem or something else I don’t know.. pls temme something to get cure from this erection problem..

    1. masturbating is not an issue if you do it safely. but someties people try to do it quickly which leads to problems, you can try eating garlic, and raw fruits and vegtables, and also do kegel exercises. you might also be suffering from porn-induced ED and you should stop masturbating for a month and practice something called semen retention. it might help you regain your erection.

  168. can i eat Horny goat weed leaves and garlic for ED.. How much Horny goat weed leaves should I take for a day and also amount of garlic.. pls say ASAP.. thank you..

    1. yes you can garlic is food so if you dont have any problem eating it you can eat it safely. also do kegel exercises they will help you have thicker longer lasting erections.

  169. if i take it jucic i want drink lots of water in hole day bicoz of that i having so much su su…. so its good or not

  170. am around 29yrs and I have had sex only 4 times in this month and these are my first times but I have an erection problem what can I do.for the last 4days I have had no erecton at all

  171. Hi Sir
    I m masturbuting for last 2 years because of these i m facing problem of ED and while doing pee sperm is released and by walking and some aerobic exercise i had cure this. And now i am facing problem, while urinating sperm is released, From last one year i had stopped masturbation.. Kindly give me the solution or treatment.

  172. Can smoking marijuana cause Ed and/ or PE?
    If Yes what’s the solution??
    I’ve got a 7inches dick but thin, I need it to grow larger.
    Can it and how??
    Thanks doc pls reply ASAP

    1. I am not a doctor. marijuana doesnt cause ED or PE. if you want to increase your thickness do some jelqing it will help with the thickness

  173. Hii sir…
    I have a prblm of my low sperm count nd testeron low level now I feel pain on full body I feel daily tired nd so how I increase my testeron level nd sperm count??onion nd garlic good for me?tell me plz

    1. hi lifting heavy weights is a good way to increase testosterone naturally. you can also increase your testosterone through eating raw onion. eating fruits rich in vitamin c will also help you with your sperm motility.

  174. Hi,
    I m a 28 years old, i have a bad habit of hand Job.from last 8 to 9 years i had this habit. Now days my penis is not getting harder and m coming so soon. Because of that I can’t satisfy my gf. That’s why she left me. Now days m very scarred about this and m scarred to talk with girls . I seen yours blogs few days ago . Then I started the garlic clove in the morning on empty stomach, And stopped hand job. So now it can help me to come out from this problem. Or please guide me. And one of the big problem is m scared to talk with the girls. So sir i hope u will give me the best solutions on it .

    1. And one more thing to mention in that my penis size is comes short so garlic can help my penis in my original size .

      1. you can do jelqing and stretch as well as do kegel exercises that will help the length and girth of your penis. also eating natural foods will help you with your blood flow that will make your penis bigger.

    2. hope you are well. start eating a good healthy diet exercise and do kegel exercises. also stop watching porn and masturbating for a few months. many people are having erection problems because of porn.

  175. Hi Sir,
    After finishing of pee a urine will come fast along with little white sperm i am trying 3 cloves of garlic at early morning and at night rinsed almond ,walnut and 2 fig from last one month at the starting everything was ok and almost it was cure ED and realeasing of white sperm after finishing of pee and ,because of cure again i had started smoking.. can u plzz give me solution what i can do to stop white sperm realeaing with urine after finishing of pee..plzz give me solution

  176. Thank you saj123 for your valuable suggestion i had consult with urologist and dr said everything is fine dont worry they had given one tab to take for one month i.e becosules (b-complex forte with vitamin c and zinc)and shal i continue garlic 3 cloves for daily or stop for one month..once again thank you saj123 for your suggestion

  177. Sir
    My penis goes down early and not fully hard.
    Is garlic benefit for me.
    What is the right method to having garlic.

  178. Hello saj123.. my pennis is getting erect but not harder.. can’t able to maintain my erection even for one minute.. I’m having habit of masturbating… what I should do to get my erection back…? what will be my problem.. please suggest some treatment or any medicine to overcome my problem..

    1. you should start by adding garlics onions and figs to your diet they will help you get a better firmer erection. also try doing kegel exercises and stop watching porn for a few months and dont masturbate. porn also sometimes makes it harder for us to get proper erections. try not to masturbate for a few months and you will feel your erection getting better.

    1. you can start by exercising, eating healthy and eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. explore this blog you will find lots of information about what to eat and what to do. also do kegel exercises so that you have better control over your erections.