Eating fruit to Increase Sperm motility


Fruits are a great way to give your body energy, they have also shown to increase the sperm motility in men. Our Industrial lifestyle and hectic schedules mean that our sperm is in constant attack. Add to them the bad habits of smoking and drinking and the motility of men takes a nosedive.  There are a number of studies that indicate this phenomenon as the quality of sperm and motility is decreasing in men every year.

Fruits packed with vitamin C seem to be the answer to the problem according to recent research conducted by the University of Texas. The study had a test group of men aged 20 to 35 all of them smokers with poor sperm quality. These men were divided into three groups, one of the group was given 200 mg vitamin C daily the other was given 1000 mg vitamin C daily and the third were given a placebo.  After a month the daily vitamin c takers significantly improved their sperm quality and the 1000 mg takers had the greatest change among the group.

In another study, infertile men who had vitamin C daily were able to impregnate their partner in 60 days or less. In some extraordinary case vitamin C restored fertility in as low as four days.

So when you are grocery shopping make sure to pick up to pick up fruits packed with vitamin C and make sure to add them to your daily diet. Another great fruit for Sex is the watermelon which is packed with phytonutrients lycopene, beta carotene and citrulline.  These are all great for your sexual health specially citrulline which relaxes the blood vessels. This is great for erectile dysfunction and can be used to prevent it too.

Fruits and Vegetables are a healthy and nutritious, make sure to consume them daily to have overall benefit for your sexual and overall health.


36 thoughts on “Eating fruit to Increase Sperm motility

  1. My spem is very weak with light semen.Will the intake of garlic and oranges help me to solve this problem? I rely need a Child.

  2. Dear sir I have problems in sexual from last year so please help me. Lots of doctors I want but not result so kindly please mail me what is best so I can do it

  3. dear sir
    I have a precum problem. whenever I think about sex
    or whenever I talk to my girlfriend some fluid
    discharge with in a minute. and my erection gets down
    due to over precum . I want to enhance my erection.
    Please suggest me best remedy for long lasting erection

  4. First and foremost,run a test tl see if u are free from any STD or STI. If there is,treat it. Then try to detoxify urself. Then start eating cucumber and groundnut or unripe plantain(roasted)and groundnut. After some time u will notice some improvement

  5. Sir,
    I started murstabating in 2003.
    I stopped murstabating in 2009.
    Afterwards, I became very weak in bed
    Till now. How do I cure weakness?
    Can the garlic stuff help me?
    I’m very desperate and ready for any course…

  6. Good day Mr saj & Azuka; I’ve been seeing your posts and it has helped a lot of people here. Plz I have Staph infection,its affecting my performance. Mr Azuka,I understand from you name that you are a Nigerian;where can I get a genuine tradomedical doc who can cure it for me cos this thing has stayed too long in my system. Kindly help me with contact info.


  7. If any body eat banana every day after eating meal, it has great advantages, easy digestion, no acidity, and sperm production, and maintains sperm motility and morphology. also take 50 mg walnuts, and dark chocklets daily.. these food for both male and female fertility… i hope u people will see good results…Thanks

  8. Mr Godwin from nigeria, I have been suffering from low sperm count for so long and this is caused by staphylococcus which I treated with both autodox and tradomedical medicines but all to avail. My sperm is very low and I cannot impregnate my wife. I have been married for a long time, what do please help

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